(Held under Kennel Club Limited Rules & Show Regulations)

at Chepstow Leisure Centre, Chepstow, NP16 5LR

on SUNDAY 25th MARCH 2018

DOGS: Jennifer Murray (Priestbeck)
BITCHES: Debra Roberts (Cwrtafon)
REFEREE: Jan Rees (Typica)


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180325 wsscsw champ show 680

Best in Show (2nd left) - Slapestones Eros JW 
Reserve Best in Show (left) - Ferndel Cover Story About Nyliram JW
Best Puppy in Show (2nd right) - Sarabande Lord Of The Dance (AI)
Best Veteran (right) - Sh Ch Glenbrows Tribute To Weslave JW


It is always an honour to be invited to judge at a club show and I would like to thank all exhibitors for accepting my decisions in a sportsmanlike way. I thoroughly enjoyed my day and would like to thank the committee for their hospitality and my steward on the day.
I was looking for what I considered a typical Welshie , sound and fit for purpose with plenty of substance and with a merry and active temperament. I think I found this in my winners. Although I did find a few suspect mouths.
My co-judge and I had to call upon the services of the Referee for BIS which was awarded to Slapestones Eros JW. We agreed on the RBIS and BOS as Ferndel Cover Story about Nyliram JW, also BPIS Sarabande Lord of the Dance (Ai) and BVIS Sh Ch Glenbrows Tribute to Weslave JW. And RBPIS Julita Rhubette.

Judge: Jennifer Murray (Priestbeck)

Minor Puppy (1, 0)

1st – Douglas’ Bonvis Cadfael to Santallina. Just 6 months and 3 days old. On his own and very immature puppy who will take time. Pleasing head with plenty of work and nice dark eye. Straight front and good length of neck into lay of shoulder. Well angulated without any exaggeration. Movement was hard to access as he gave his handler a hard time but did settle eventually. A promising puppy.

Puppy (3, 0)

1st - Worth’s Sarabande Lord of the Dance Ai. 11 months old and a lovely puppy who should have a bright future. Very striking and compact with a rich, dark coat. Nicely proportioned with plenty of substance on neat low hocks. Good reach of neck and lay of shoulder. Already displaying strength over the loin and well muscled quarters with correct topline. Happy chap enjoying his day out at his owners expense. BPD and BPIS

2nd - Mercer’s Amblelight Cassiopeia. New one to me and I liked him a lot. 11 months old and not as mature as 1 but he settled down after the first class and proved that he could do it when he wants to. Out of a different mould from 1. Stronger head with dark eye, plenty of stop and square muzzle. Excellent bone and good width to body, short coupled and tight feet. Didn’t have the muscle of 1 but that has time to develop.

3rd - Buckwell’s Killena Ghostrider.

Junior Dog (5, 0)

1st - Graham’s Don’s Statement to Nyliram. This young dog is maturing nicely and has plenty of ring presence. Very mature for his age with lovely head , deep muzzle and dark eye. Presents a balanced picture with good bone and proportionate angulation. Straight front and neat padded feet. Compact body with low hocks and well developed hindquarters. Held his top-line whilst on the move. One of the best movers on the day.

2nd - Mercer’s Amblelight Cassiopeia

3rd - Morgan & Schofield Cwsscwn Who Knew (Ai)

Yearling Dog (3, 0)

1st - Llon Derwen Dar at Gwynmarren. Pleasing type with attractive balanced outline presented in good coat and condition. Attractive head with kind eye and expression. Straight front with elbows neatly tucked in and standing on tight padded feet. Good length of neck leading into deep shoulder angulation and good spring of rib. Strong over the loin. Moved soundly.

2nd - Jenkins’ Cwmbelli Morgan. Rangier dog than 1 but with a balanced outline. Maturing nicely and well off for bone and substance. Good bend of stifle and moved well maintaining his top-line. Just preferred the rear angulation of 1. Well presented and handled.

3rd - Gough Julita Rukester

Maiden Dog (4, 0)

1st - Worth’s Sarabande Lord of the Dance (Ai)

2nd - Morgan& Schofield’s Cwsscwn Who Knew(Ai). 3rd in Junior. You need hands on this young man to appreciate the quality and bone structure. He is a slow maturer but is very balanced. Attractive masculine head, darkest of eyes and straight front with elbows well tucked in. Clean shoulders and long muscular neck. Well developed quarters and moved well but just preferred 1 on overall maturity today.

3rd - Johnstone’s Glenbrows Valentino for Gilpeta.

Novice (3, 0)

1st - Morgan& Schofield. Cwsscwn Who Knew (Ai)

2nd - Johnstone’s Glenbrows Valentino for Gilpeta. Just out of puppy and giving his handler a hard time. He has the most appealing masculine head with darkest of eyes and good balanced outline. Good overall angulation, plenty of heart room and strong quarters. Moved ok.

3rd - Sweetlands’ Jedi Du Domaine De Kerarzic Viliu.

Graduate Dog (3, 0)

1st - Riley’s Ferndel Peanut Butter at Ravensworth. Quality dog who will bother the best given time. He possesses a strong masculine head, no doubt that he is a male, but has that soft Welshie expression. Good depth of chest and length of neck. Moved soundly maintaining his top-line and handled beautifully.

2nd - Sweetland’s Jedi Du Domaine De Kerarzic Viliu. Very impressive in profile but just lacking in ring training which I feel would benefit both the dog and handler. Handsome head with plenty of chiselling. Well off for bone and good deep shoulders. Moved well using his tail to advantage.

3rd - Bennett’s Helgen Romeo The Lover

Postgraduate Dog (11, 3)

1st - Worth’s Sarabande Man in the Mirror JW ShCM (Ai) Quality Class. Lots to like about this fully mature dog. Lovely head with plenty of chiselling and dark eye. He presents a balanced compact dog with plenty of heart room, correct top-line and strong rear quarters. Well developed second thigh. Moved true.

2nd - Riley’s Ferndel Buttermint at Ravensworth. Litter brother to winner of previous class. Same comments just felt that this one was not as balanced as his brother but nevertheless a lovely dog.

3rd - Woodhams’ Glynell Jiffy.

Limit Dog (14, 2)

The 1st and 2nd could change place another day. I was splitting hairs and today preferred the overall balance of 1. Have judged both of their mothers before giving one a first and the other RBIS.

1st - Caldwell & McDowell’s Bowdonia Only The Brave for Cerysan. Both boys have lovely balanced heads with dark eye and strong muzzle. They are both beautifully constructed in lay of shoulder and reach of neck. Strong straight fronts and tight well padded feet. Both were well muscled over the loin and moved soundly maintaining their top-lines. RCC.

2nd - Brown’s Bowdonia Ozzie I felt had the better hocks but not as compact as 1. He really pushed 1 hard for top honours but 1 just had the edge today and pulled out all the stops to move effortlessly and with drive. He was out to enjoy himself today.

3rd - Sutherland’s Jacranella Solo.

Open Dog (6, 1)

Another lovely class all beautifully presented and handled to perfection.

1st - Ritchie and Tindale’s Slapestones Eros JW. Not a favourite of mine but was I surprised when I got my hands on him. Always knew there was plenty dog there but did not appreciate the substance and muscle that he has. Just turned 5 years old and at his peak he has a masculine head with dark eye and good muzzle. Strong muscular neck, good fore-chest leading into mature well-ribbed body with great depth of chest. Powerful over the loin and well muscled hindquarters with deep second thigh. Well turned stifles which gave him the power for driving when he flowed round the ring. I believe this won him his title. DCC and BIS.

2nd - Graham’s SH CH Taimere Twister Round Nyliram JW ShCM. Gave him BP last time I judged him and have watched him blossom into the lovely dog that he is. You have to have hands on to experience his sound construction and muscle-tone.He has the most appealing masculine head without coarseness , strong neck great depth of body, correct top-line and strong muscled hindquarters. Unfortunately his movement let him down today,

3rd - Harrison’s Glenbrows Picture Me Know JW

Veteran Dog (2, 1)

1st - Johnstone’s Coedbrain Terfel at Diales. Nearly 9 years old and a credit to his owner. A bit arthritic today but he did enough to win his class. He still has a balanced outline when stacked and sweet expression which all the oldies have.

Special Beginners (7, 1)

1st - Mercer’s Amblelight Cassiopeia

2nd - Sweetlands Jedi Du Domaine

3rd - Bennett’s Helgen Romeo The Lover

Special New Members Dog (2, 0)

1st - Mercer’s Amblelight Cassiopeia

2nd - Bennett’s Helgen Romeo The Lover. I liked this boy and with a little more practice I think the owner could get more out of him. He is a lovely shape and well bred with a masculine head and dark eye. Well constructed and moved OK.

Mr Danny Pritchard Special Memorial Stakes (7, 0)

1st - Barkley’s ShCh Cherryheath Mr Mischief JW ShCM. Favourite of mine and he didn’t disappoint. What a mover. One of the best on the day. Larger framed dog but so well balanced and lovely head with that mischievious sparkle in his eye. Everything in the right place. He moves in complete unison with his handler and never lets her down. Will make a hard to beat veteran when his time comes.

2nd - Attwood’s Kylowen Drym. ShCM. 3 years old and in his prime. Different type to no 1 but well balanced and compact. Masculine head not showing any coarseness. Good reach of neck into well angulated shoulders. Strong over the loin and low hocks giving him the drive required.

3rd - Frost’s Cochnaid Cartier Topaz JW ShCM

Good Citizen Dog Scheme, Dog (5, 0)

1st - Graham & Denwood’s Slapestones Newman at Lyndfil. Well presented and handled as always. Another of my favourites but not shown often enough. He oozes Welshie. Loved his head, it has so much work in it with plenty of stop. Lovely dark eye and domed skull with plenty of brain room. Just starting to show signs of grey. Like his type and size. Well ribbed body and strong over the loin. Slightly longer cast than 2 but better rear angulation and good width to second thigh. Moved OK.

2nd - Attwoods Kylowen Drym.

3rd - Hankin’s Haltonion Romeo with Woodelrond

Jennifer Murray

BEST DOG – Ritchie’s Slapestones Eros JW (centre)
RESERVE BEST DOG – Caldwell and McDowell’s Bowdonia Only The Brave
For Cerysan
BEST PUPPY DOG – Worth’s: Sarabande Lord Of The Dance (AI) (right)

180325 wsscsw champ show 268

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I must thank the Officers and Committee for the wonderful invite to judge bitches. It is an honour and a privilege to judge at your own Club Show and not something to be taken lightly.

I was amazed at the wonderful entry. At the start of each class, to look around the ring and see a class with a high number of bitches with little absentees was a massive compliment and left me feeling very emotional and I thank you all for your support.

It has been a number of years since I last gave challenge certificates and at that time I was disappointed to see the increasing number of heads showing little or no type, no chiselling in the foreface and uncharacteristic round eyes. I felt that we were losing our beautiful Welsh heads. Another trait that had become popular was the more refined and exaggerated ‘racey’ types. Our breed is a true dual purpose dog and some were showing little muscle tone and looked incapable of working in the field.

Wow what a change! When I looked at my final line-up, I feel that it was exceptional display of bitches, and any, on their day would be worthy of top honours.
Judge: Debra Roberts (Cwrtafon)

Minor Puppy Bitch (2, 1)

1st – Revill’s Juilita Rhubette, stood alone in the class, a worthy winner and is a promising puppy. Very typical of this kennel and looking at her you could see the resemblance to her parentage. Well-proportioned feminine head giving a very sweet and kind expression. Overall balanced outline with markings that complemented her assembly. Moved well using her well-toned rear assembly to drive and cover the ground. BPB.

Puppy Bitch (4, 0)

1st – Revill: Juilita Rhubette

2nd - Worth: Sarabande Dance to the Rhythm (AI), standing a little higher on the leg than winner and longer set, feminine head and outline, and typical of this established kennel. She has a well-developed and lovely deep rib assembly and loin which completed her picture. She was very active on the move using her tail to maintain her balance and locomotion.

3rd - Boumonte: Roxdale Sunday Lovers.

Junior Bitch (19, 0)

This was one of the strongest classes of the day.

1st - Graham: Ferndel Cover Story about Nyliram JW, I first fell for this girl when I saw her last year, I loved her as a baby and she did not disappoint. A beautiful proportioned head with enough chiseling in her foreface to give her the sweetest of expressions. Her overall construction is that of balance. Well-toned with stifle of proportionate length descending to well let down hocks. She was a delight to go over. Good tight feet and moved with drive covering the ground using her tail to maintain balance. Shown in super condition with sufficient feathering for age and development. Delighted to award her first CC. CC & Res. BiS.

2nd - Caldwell: Hillpark Queen Bee for Cerysan, very pretty bitch with a soulful expression. Head proportion was balanced with ears at correct setting. Good front assembly which was evident on the move. Well-developed forequarters and rib showing maturity. Well-muscled over the flank and upper thigh which enabled her to drive from the rear. Tail set was at the correct level and was used to advantage.

3rd - Hankins: Haltonian Juliet with Woodelrond.

Yearling Bitch (8, 0)

1st - Pick: Llon Blodyn Ymenyn, very feminine bitch with the sweetest of expression and hazel eye colour and well defined head. Her neck is long and strong and flows into her shoulders. She excels in front assembly, with her correct shoulder placement ensuring that when on the move she paced out true and straight. She has an excellent depth of rib which is carried though to her flanks. Her top line flows and is correct and she holds it while on the move. She has ample bone and excellent cat like feet. When on the move she purposely covered the ground. A lovely youngster.

2nd - Whitfield: Glenbrows Heart to Heart, a bitch that I have judged prior and has continued to develop. She has a calmness about her, very soulful expression. Longer in muzzle than 1st, remaining in proportion. Proportionate forequarters and as 1st a well-developed body. This bitch excels in rear assembly with good bone and muscle tone. She has a full jacket and was well presented. When on the move she drove covering the ground well. She used her tail to good effect.

3rd - Jones: Julita Rumours at Trosley.

Maiden Bitch (3, 0)

1st - Revill: Juilita Rhubette.

2nd - Worth: Sarabande Dance to the Rhythm (AI).

3rd - Best: Amblelight Ophelia.

Novice Bitch (7, 0)

1st - Phillips: Tudful Ffos-y-Fran, a young lady with great appeal. She has an excellent head with correct eye shape and chiseling which contributed to her sweet expression. Well defined stop. Ears at correct placement, shape and length. She is shorter coupled but remained in proportion. She has a beautiful top line and tail placement. She is well bodied with ample feathering. Excellent bone and good feet. She has excellent rear assembly with well let down hocks, driving when on the move using her tail for balance. A very typical bitch.

2nd - Woodward: Hinxwood Fire and Ice, standing a little higher on the leg than 1st and longer set. Although a different type of head, her expression remained pleasing. Good front assembly which could also be seen when on the move. Good top line and tail placement carried level with the back when she moved.

3rd - Cwsscwn De Ja Vu (AI).

Graduate Bitch (5, 0)

1st - Phillips: Tudful Ffos-y-Fran.

2nd - Lancet: Cymbeli Madlen, kind natured bitch who has a feminine typical head, which is well proportioned with sufficient stop and chiseling. Balanced throughout. Well ribbed and bodied. Ample bone and feathering, effective and merry on the move holding her top line and using her tail to effect.

3rd - Caldwell: Hillpark Queen Bee for Cerysan.

Postgraduate Bitch (11, 1)

1st - Ritchie: Sarabande Billie Jean at Hinxwood (AI), this young lady has everything in the right place and in the right proportions. I especially liked her front assembly, very sweet head with a soft expression. Good length of neck leading into sloping shoulders. Plenty of depth of rib and flank. Good length of stifle with well let down hocks. Sufficient bone with tight feet. Very merry on the move, covering the ground with purpose.

2nd - Sutherland: Jacranella Sonata, Another bitch with an overall balanced construction. Strong though pleasing head with a pleasing expression. Her white markings accentuate her excellent front assembly, well bodied and toned with excellent second thigh. Excellent on the move, covering the ground driving on all angles.

3rd - Ritchie: Sarabande Eternity at Slapestones JW.

Limit Bitch (15, 2)

1st - Thomas: Bowdonia Anastasia, this is a bitch that is best appreciated when going over her. She is at the peak of her development and condition. She has a delightful head, with a sweet expression. Her eyes are the deepest hazel. A little shorter in neck, shoulder placement and front assembly was good and was best seen when moving excellent bone and tight feet. Well bodied with sufficient feathering. Excellent muscle tone throughout with purposeful and powerful movement.

2nd - Sutherland: Jacranella Serenade, sibling from previous class and of a very similar type. Sweet head with a kind expression. Longer set in body with a good top line and tail placement. Very active on the move.

3rd - Lampersberger: Benoveor Field of Dreams to Kurzeja.

Open Bitch (8, 0)

1st - Lancett: Coedybrain Nia at Cwmbeili, a lady who I have admired for some time. So well made and balanced throughout, nothing exaggerated and this is why you need to handle this bitch. Her head is very typical of her breeding and needs to be admired. A kind eye with good chiselling below which adds to her soulful expression. Well bodied throughout carrying ample feathering. She excels in rear construction and angulation. She moved true and straight covering the ground and using her tail for balance. RCC.

2nd - Harrison: Glenbrows Memoir, a quality bitch different in type to 1st. She has a well-proportioned head with a pleasing expression. Well boned throughout carrying ample feathering. Flowing lines throughout with a good top line and tail placement. Keen mover driving from behind which was visible from all angles. Her full jacket was gleaming and luscious.

3rd - Sh. Ch. Jacranella Symphony.

Veteran Bitch (8, 2)

1st - Harrison: Sh Ch Glenbrows Tribute to Weslave JW, this lady is a worthy champion. I liked her soulful expression and her typical head. She has good angles particularly her rear assembly which showed how well she can drive when on the move. She is in excellent condition for 9+ years only showing her age in her face.

2nd - Graham & Denwood: Slapestones Heart at Lyndfil (AI), 8 year old bitch who again only showing her age in her face. Well-proportioned throughout maintaining good muscled body tone. Moved well happily moving and enjoying her day.

3rd - Sutherland: Ch. Julita Rezanella of Jacanella.

Special Beginners Bitch (8, 0)

1st - Phillips: Tudful Ffos-y-Fran.

2nd - Courtney: Sycharth Land of my Fathers, lovely head with sweet expression. Proportioned throughout. Neat shoulder placement. She has good depth of body which is carried through to her brisket. Shorter in second thigh carrying ample muscle tone. Covered well in feathering and well presented.

3rd - Hankins: Haltonian Juliet with Woodelrond.

Special New Members Bitch (1, 0)

1st - Jones: Julita Rumours at Trosley, third in a strong yearling class. Good length of neck set into a good front assembly neat elbow placement, which was evident when on the move. Body showing development into adulthood, neat rear assembly. Overall pleasing outline.

Special Working Bitch (1, 0)

1st - Barkley: Cherryheath’s Miss Chief, even though she is 10 years young she appears able to still complete a day in the field and is only showing her age in her face. Proportionate head, would have preferred a little more stop. Balanced throughout with good front and rear assembly. An active mover, driving from behind. She used her tail to good affect and to maintain her balance. A fine example of a dual purpose bitch.

Mary Payne Memorial: Bitch Bred by Exhibitor (8, 0)

1st - Phillips: Tudful Ffos-y-Fran.

2nd - Revill: Julita Rokahlua JW, fourth in a strong PG class. Very typical head beautiful length of neck set into solid shoulders. Good depth of body carried over to the flank. Excels in rear assembly. Good on the move driving and using her tail. Full red coat which carried a white heart within, how sweet.

3rd - Sh. Ch. Bowdonia Moment to Shine.

Good Citizen Dog Scheme, Bitch (4, 0)

1st - Charles: Stagarth a Kind of Magic, proportionate head with a kind expression. Good front assembly with tight feet. Longer set in body. Fuller body feathering would have completed the picture. Covered the ground well.

2nd - Attwood: Kyleowen Demelza, typical head balanced with correct eye shape that flattered her expression. Shorter set that 1st while remaining balanced. Good bone throughout with good front and fore chest. Happy on the move covering the ground.

3rd - Watson: Welingerhill Garden Tiger of Hillpark.

Debbie Roberts

BEST BITCH – Graham’s Ferndel Cover Story About Nyliram JW (centre)
RESERVE BEST BITCH – Lancett’s Coedybrain Nia At Cwmbeili (left)
BEST PUPPY BITCH – Revill’s Julita Rhubette (right)

180325 wsscsw champ show 607

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