Officers and Committee

Who’s Who in the Club - 2019 - 20

Patron: Mr Mansel Young

President: Mrs Debbie Roberts

Life Members:

  • Dr A. Christie
  • Mr T. Davies
  • Mr & Mrs J. Derrick
  • Mrs J. Janes
  • Mrs E.A. Jones
  • Mr & Mrs M. Young


  • Dr A. Christie,
  • Mr T. Davies,
  • Mrs A. Davies,
  • Mr J. Derrick,
  • Mrs J. Derrick,
  • Mr M. Green,
  • Mrs C. Green,
  • Mrs J. Janes,
  • Mrs E.A. Jones.
  • Mrs Jan Rees,
  • Mrs D. Roberts,
  • Mr. B. Shears,
  • Ms M. Simmons,
  • Mr M. Young,
  • Mrs A. Young

Chairperson: Mrs Jan Rees

Vice Chairperson: Mrs D. Roberts

Secretary: Mrs Sue Evans

22 Twyncarn Road, Pontywaun, Crosskeys, Caerphilly NP11 7DU
Tel: 01495 271966
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Assistant Secretary: Mrs Jan Janes


Working Section Secretary: Mrs Jan Rees

Newsletter Editor: Mrs Sue Evans

Joint Health Group Delegates: Mrs Jan Rees, Mrs Jan Janes,

Joint Health Group Trustee: Mrs S Evans

Joint Health Group Reserve Delegate: Mrs Karen Lancett

United Spaniel Association Delegate: Mrs Anita Shears


  • Mrs L. Breeze
  • Mrs M. Evans
  • Mr T. Evans
  • Mrs K. Lancett
  • Mrs J. Sutherland
  • Mr C. Sutherland

Web Site:

  • Mr. Terry C. Evans (Design Photography)
  • Mrs J. Rees (Content)

WSS Rescue and Re-homing Scheme UK Co-ordinator: Mrs H. Riley 01325 718055

South Wales & Three counties Representative: Mrs K. Lancett 01989 750077

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