(Held under Kennel Club Limited Rules & Show Regulations)

at Chepstow Leisure Centre, Chepstow, NP16 5LR

on SUNDAY 27th MARCH 2016

DOGS: Suzanne Backhouse (Aindrea)
BITCHES: Richard Morris (Lascoed)
REFEREE: Mansel Young (Wainfelin)


Judge: Suzanne Backhouse (Aindrea)

WSSCSW 2016 Champ show Best Dog LineupIt was a great pleasure being asked to judge this championship show by the members. I would like to thank the committee for their hospitality. It is hard work running a show and this club certainly do it well a privilege to everyone. Thank you to everyone who entered and allowed me to assess your dogs, there were some hard discussions to be made but everyone took the decisions sportingly. It was lovely to co-judge with Richard Morris (Lascoed) and pleased that we both saw each others qualities in our main winners to agree with our line up.

Class 1 - Minor Puppy Dog (0)

Class 2 - Puppy Dog (5:0)

1st – Harrison's - Glenbrows Picture Me Now

10 month old dog, Good head with dark eye and nice expression. Straight front excellent feet, good bone, strong forechest, Long neck into sloping shoulders, good angulation for and after, hocks well let down, well-muscled thighs. Moved very well. Promising puppy. BPD & BPIS

2nd – Sutherland's - Jacranella Solo

11 month old puppy good head, neck ok, feet good, straight front, well bodied, Strong and muscular thoughout. Once settled moved ok.

3rd – Neilson's - Benoveor Rumour Has It
4th – Buckwell's - Killena Kion
VHC – Nicoll's - Benoveor The Guardian For Antreth

Class 3 - Junior Dog (8:0)

1st – Graham's - Taimere's Twister Round Nyliram JW

Nice dog with a good head and dark eye. Long neck, good shoulders and tight feet. Good chest and deep brisket, Good bend of stifle, muscular hindquarters which helped him move with drive.

2nd – Ellis' - Shannara Total Eclipse

This boy made me smile, strong merry and active is definitely there just over 12 months although needs to settle a little. Compact dog, with nice head and dark eye, excellent feet and well boned. Good neck and shoulders and moderate turn of stifle. Moved well when settled.

3rd – Samsel and Yacoub's - Laithmoor's Marek
4th – Attwood's - Kylowen Drym
VHC – Caldwell's - Bowdonia Only The Brave For Cerysan

Class 4 - Yearling Dog (4:0)

1st – Samsel and Yacoub's - Laithmoor's Marek

Compact dog well mature for age, nice head and eye. Neck ok, tight feet, Strong chest and muscular hind quarters. Moved well

2nd – Attwood's' - Kylowen Drym

Slightly bigger mould than 1, good head, neck and shoulders. Good bone, strong thigh and good bend of stifle, just needs a bit more confidence on the move.

3rd – Caldwell's - Bowdonia Only The Brave For Cerysan
4th – Buckwell's - Killena Dancing In The Dark

Class 5 - Maiden Dog (1:0)

1st – Ellis's - Shannara Total Eclipse (2nd Junior Dog)

Class 6 - Novice Dog (2:0)

1st Buckwell's - Killena Kion

11 month boy, good head with dark eye, long neck into slopping shoulders, deep ribs, moderate turn of stifle, Moved ok

2nd Ovey's - Bozidar Rio

This boy was a little unhappy today, strong dog, head ok, neck needed a bit of a trim, good hind angulation.

Class 7 - Graduate Dog (5:1)

1st – Tew's - Pamicks Believe You Can JW

Nice boy long neck into well laid shoulders, good feet, straight front, deep brisket, strong hindquarters, well developed second thigh. Moved with drive.

2nd – Reynolds' - Kamunting Cast Away To Benoveor JW

Another lovely dog with a good head and expression long neck and well placed shoulders, excellent tight feet, well boned, Good hind quarters beautifully presented. Moved well

3rd – Samsel and Yacoub's - Laithmoor's Marek
4th – Ovey's - Bozidar Rio

Class 8 - Post Graduate Dog (6:2)

1st – Frost's - Bushwacker Bruce Almighty

Compact dog with good head and dark eye, lovely long neck with good shoulder placement. Straight front, strong forechest and well sprung ribs, feet ok, well boned. Strong hindquarters. Moved ok but needs to settle.

2nd – Reynolds' - Benoveor Crime Wave Des Vauriennes (Imp Nld)

Nice dog with a good head and kind dark eye, neck ok, well placed shoulders, deep brisket and well sprung ribs, strong hindquarters, moved well with drive.

3rd – Dawson's - Ferndel Fool Hardy
4th – Breeze's - Glenbrows Paintbox at Clynewood

Class 9 - Limit Dog (8:0)

1st – Philipson's - Menstonia Marksman Sh CM

Compact not leggy dog, nice head good expression, straight front, deep brisket well sprung ribs, well coupled. Strong hindquarters and well developed second thigh, hocks well let down. Moved well

2nd – Harrison's - Glenbrows Trademark JW

This dog took my eye straight away, compact boy with a lovely head and dark eye, long neck into well placed shoulders. Strong and muscular body, strong hind quarters. Moved Ok but just wouldn’t settle today.

3rd – Murray's - Lyndfil Simba From Priestbeck
4th – Worth's - Sarabande Perfect Storm (AI)
VHC – Frost's - Cochnaid's Cartier Topaz JW ShCM

Class 10 - Open Dog (9:0)

1st – Cocking and Barnaby's - Bushwacker Captain Courageous At Ruskinite ShCM

What a lovely boy, not leggy and definitely built for endurance, he moved with drive pushing from his strong hindquarters and could certainly do a days work. Beautiful head with a lovely expression and dark eye. Long neck into sloping shoulders, Straight front, strong forechest, well boned and tight feet. His body is strong and well muscled though out. Well angulated front and back. He held his topline on the move and tail did not stop wagging. CC & RBIS and I understand this to be his crowning.

2nd – Douglas' - Sh Ch Ferndel Justin Time Sh CM

A dog I love who has many qualities again symmetrical, compact and everything in proportion. A lovely head, long neck into well placed shoulders. Straight front well boned and tight feet. Deep brisket and well sprung ribs. Strong well muscled hindquarters. Moved well but not as muck drive as 1. RCC

3rd – Caldwell's - Sh Ch Gemill Back To The Future For Cerysan Jw Sh CM
4th – Graham's - Furness Way From Minebea To Nyliram (Imp Svk) JW
VHC – Tolladay's - Ferndel Comander Of Bethersden Sh CM

Class 11 - Veteran Dog (7:0)

1st – Tew's - Pamicks Dazzling Boy JW ShCM

A strong dog upto size although nothing should be taken away from his qualities. Nice head with dark eye, lovely long muscular neck into well placed shoulders. Good tight feet. Straight front with strong forechest. Well coupled strong hind quarters and deep second thigh. Moved well

2nd – Murray's - Slapestones Mars At Priestbeck

A dog with very similar qualities to 1 although I preferred the neck of 1.

3rd – Nicoll's - Amblelight Suhail At Antreth
4th – Baguley's - Kylowen Gerrans ShCM
VHC – Lampersberger's - Kurzeja Cloud Dancing

Class 12 - Special Beginners Dog (2:0)

1st – Samsel and Yacoub's - Laithmoor's Marek (1st Yearling)

2nd – Ovey's - Bozidar Rio (2nd Novice)

Class 13 - Special New Members Dog (1:0)

1st – Samsel and Yacoub's - Laithmoor's Marek (1st Yearling)

Class 14 - Special Working Dog (2:0)

1st – Evans' - Coedybrain Ryan Ar Nantlle

Good head and neck, sloping shoulders with tight feet. Well spring ribs and deep brisket, good bend of stifle, moved ok

2nd – Cooper's -Fiergen City Limits

Slightly longer case than 1 but good head and dark eye, long neck, good rib and nicely angulated. Moved well

Class 15 - Mr Danny Pritchard Memorial Stakes Dog Bred By Exhibitor (6:0)

1st – Frost's - Cochnaid's Cartier Topaz JW ShCM

Good head and dark eye, neck ok, straight front, good bend of stifle, well ribbed, well muscled body. moved ok

2nd – Samsel and Yacoub's - Laithmoor's Marek (1st Yearling)

3rd – Sutherland's - Jacranella Solo
4th – Attwood's - Kylowen Drym
VHC – Buckwell's - Killena Dancing In The Dark

Class 16 - Good Citizen Dog Scheme (2:0)

1st – Barkley's - Cherryheath's Mr Mischief JW ShCM

Although a little greying good head and dark eye, long neck into well placed shoulders, good chest and deep brisket, well coupled and well let down hocks. Moved well driving from behind.

2nd – Attwood's - Kylowen Drym (2nd Yearling)

Judge – Suzanne Backhouse (Aindrea)


WSSCSW 2016 Champ show 639 cropBITCH CLASSES
Judge: Richard Morris (Lascoed)

As a founder member of the Welsh Springer Spaniel Club of South Wales nearly forty years ago I felt greatly honoured to be elected to judge at this Championship show by the members. The Club is thriving on both the show and working side thanks to the dedicated, hard working committee and vigorous support of members. Thank you all for allowing me the privilege of assessing your lovely bitches and your sporting acceptance of my decisions. Thanks also to my co-judge, Suzanne Backhouse, for supporting my bitch CC winner for Best in Show. Fronts are so much improved from when I first owned the breed and true breed outlines prevailed on the whole on the day, but please be wary of height, the breed also needs to remain confident and out-going in nature and not show as much reticence as a few did on the day. Presentation was outstanding across the board, clean dogs, beautifully trimmed and feathered with generally well muscled substance.

Class 18 - Puppy Bitch (5:0)

1st – Barkley's – Cherryheath’s Miss Velocity

A very typical and promising eleven months old, full of quality and a nicely maturing puppy. Well angulated and presented with well rounded substance, strong bone and firm, tight feet. Lovely breed expression enhanced by correct eye colour, dark pigmentation and correct shape to rims, muscled neck, well sprung ribcage with good depth of body for her age. Broad across the loins with pleasing slight arch, hindquarters well muscled and hocks well let down. Moved soundly and true fore and aft with tail well set, perhaps a little puppy tiredness developed in the final challenge, needing to go with a bit more enthusiasm on times. A well balanced and proportioned puppy, BPB.

2nd – Sutherland's – Jacranella Sonata

Appealed greatly to me being more compact in outline than the winner with a strong, well balanced head, particularly pleasing strength of muzzle and fullness of skull, stop defined. At eleven months she is the same age as the first who she pushed hard, carrying slightly less substance but very well muscled in the hindquarters. Solidly boned throughout, excellent tight feet, moving very soundly and true with good reach in front and drive and the rear. A most promising, typical bitch with a bright future.

3rd – Lampersberger's – Benoveor Field of Dreams To Kurzeja

A lovely ten months old fashioned type which is what attracted me to her, pleasing overall breed outline. Well sprung ribcage and strong across the loins, head well proportioned with kind expression set of by gorgeous dark eyes. Well sprung ribcage and impressive depth of brisket for her age, well coupled and rich red coat colour, well feathered. To me she presented as slightly close on the move front and rear today and not fully confident, which when this improves, on another day, will make her a winner.

Class 19 - Junior Bitch (9:0)

1st – Yacoub's – Laithmoor’s Kasya

I kept coming back to this sixteen months old as I liked the fact she shouted Welsh Springer at you, notably in her sweet, melting expression, balanced feminine head and rich coat colour, dense texture and finish, though in my opinion she could be trimmed to better advantage, particularly about the ears. Stood well supported on strongly boned forelegs and firm pasterns, tight feet, outline slightly long in the back, but firm and well covered across the loins with well sprung ribcage. Well turned stifles with plenty of muscle power in the rear and deep second thighs forming. Very confident, merry and workmanlike in nature, though moved a bit erratically on times, but as the handler adjusted her pace she prove to be very sound and true fore and aft with plenty of push and drive.

2nd – Connolly's – Ambika Tranquil Spirit For Benmorbry

A more compact and better balanced outline bitch than the winner, sixteen months of age, but I preferred the softer expression of the winner today. Excellent strength of bone and tight feet all round, short coupled with correct topline and good depth of body for her age, good, straight front. Well angulated throughout and a most sound mover, if possessing a little less drive from behind than the winner. Placed on her excellent breed type and outline which is where she did score over the first bitch. Correct rich red colour, coat texture, well presented, another I am sure with a promising future.

3rd – Thomas' – Bowdonia Seraphina

A fifteen months old, presenting with more scope and a rangier outline than the winners above, head well balanced and proportioned if slightly plainer expression than the winners in my opinion, lovely length of neck set into well laid shoulders, excellent strength of bone and firm, well padded feet. Well developed hindquarters and sound on the move. Well presented, clean, in good rich coat and feather.

Class 20 - Yearling Bitch (6:0)

1st – Graham's – Nyliram Miss Joules JW

Won the class on maturity, first class substance and overall muscled condition, presented absolutely correctly for a young twenty months old bitch. Quality, type and presence, very feminine yet workmanlike and eager, head well balanced, dark eyes, lovely straight front and proportionate length of shoulder to upper arm, excellent spring of ribcage, well coupled and balanced overall. Strongly boned with tight feet and firm pads, excellent, strong pasterns front and rear, strong across raised loin, well rounded rump, deep second thighs. Moved merry, soundly and true with pleasing head and tail carriage, lovely rich red coat, presented in correct texture and nice bloom.

2nd – Yacoub's – Laithmoor’s Kasya

3rd – Sutherland's – Jacranella Serenade

A lovely headed, compact eleven months old, well balanced overall, strong head characteristics which are so necessary to maintain as the breed drifts on times towards weaker muzzles, well defined stop, dark eye colour and good pigmentation. The very best of strong bone running down through the pasterns and splendidly, tight feet, very well coupled, ribcage well sprung. Correct topline, lovely finish across the loins, muscled hindquarters, moved soundly and true both ways but not the drive of the winners on the day. Well presented and attractively marked, but another needing to gain a little in confidence to truly excel as she deserves to rise to prominence.

Class 21 - Maiden Bitch (3:1)

1st – Lyon's – Mymmsbrook Mimosa

At ten months of age nice for size and pleasing in outline, compact and well balanced, head and stop needing time to continue to develop and hopefully round, fill and soften, the best of strong, quality bone, short coupled and possessing first class, well muscled hindquarters, including deep second thighs, for her age. Presented in lovely coat, good colour and well feathered for a youngster.

2nd – Croft's – Cymreiges Queen Nova

A bigger and rangier eleven months bitch than the winners, presented in the most excellent, fit condition, super strength of bone down through the pasterns, well sprung ribcage, firm and strong across the loins. Lovely dark eye colour and the best of black pigmentation on full nostrils. Powerful hindquarters, well muscled, good depth of body for her age and shown in good rich red coat colour and feather. Moving somewhat wide both front and rear today and, in my opinion, needs to train for best advantage to run steadier in the ring.

Class 22 - Novice Bitch (2:1)

1st – Lampersberger's – Benoveor Field of Dreams To Kurzeja

Class 23 - Graduate Bitch (5:0)

1st – Yacoub's – Laithmoor’s Kasya

2nd – Caldwell's – Bowdonia Bellissima For Cerysan

Rising fifteen months this bitch possessed a typical head and kind expression with lovely dark eyes, which I preferred in shape and balance to that of the third placing, though I considered she moved a tad wide in front on the day. Well sprung ribcage and excellent strength of bone, tight feet, typical topline and well muscled hindquarters for her age, she is well angulated, particularly in the hindquarters and owns a pleasing rich red coat, very well presented in lovely feather.

3rd – Harvey's – Hillcotstud Star Maker To Mariemead

A well angulated bitch of lovely, solid substance, eighteen months of age, well balanced overall, well sprung ribcage, strong across the loins with correct arch, short coupled with powerful hindquarters and deep second thighs, beautifully presented in attractive, clean, rich red coat and well feathered.

Class 24 - Post Graduate Bitch (10:1)

 1st – Ellis' - Glenbrows Fascination With Shannara

Quality and typical three years two months old bitch, slightly rangier in build than I prefer with plenty of scope to her outline, well constructed with good length of neck set into well placed shoulders and the best true mover in the class, happy with correct head and tail carriage. Well proportioned head with soft, kind expression, dark eyes, well boned with tight, well rounded feet. Very well presented in full, clean coat and feather all of correct texture. I would have liked slightly fuller muscle condition overall to have taken on the challenge for the top awards on the day, but presents as a very honest “Welshie” with many fine attributes, nicely fleshed finish and slight arch over the loins.

2nd – Charles' - Stagarth A Kind of Magic

A fifteen months old, more compact type than the winner in a better muscled condition, appealed greatly to me and pushed the winner hard. Lovely head with strength in the muzzle and defined stop, dark eyes with well shaped rims, outstanding quality and strength of bone, good feet, well padded, correct topline and well sprung ribcage. Sound and merry on the move behind but tended to go a bit wide in front on the day for me.

3rd – Revill's - Julita Rokahlua JW

A three years seven months old with lovely, kind expression on well proportioned head, typical outline, correct topline, strong across the loins, excellent bone, well sprung ribcage. Well balanced and compact overall with good depth of brisket, strong, long neck and well coupled, well muscled hindquarters and pleasing substance, sound on the move in front but somewhat close behind for me today.

Class 25 - Limit Bitch (9:1)

 1st – Morgan & Schofield's - Ferndel Silhouette of Cwsscwn JW

A two years eight months old solid bitch who won this class on her superior muscle condition and soundness of movement, the best in the class. Well proportioned head with soft, kind expression. Pleasing breed outline representing quality and type, correct arch to the loins, strong bone and tight feet, well padded, excelling particularly in spring of ribcage and depth of brisket, well proportioned, coupled and angulated throughout. Firm across the loins, well turned stifles and deep second thighs. Most attractive coat, scoring highly for colour and texture, first class presentation in lovely feather and general condition. Most promising and very satisfying to find a young bitch of this quality and potential in the entry, merry and well mannered on the move with correct head and tail carriage, delighted to award her the reserve CC.

2nd – Frost's - Bushwacker Hot Gossip

At five and a half years of age I was very attracted by the lovely strength in the neck and shoulders this bitch carries, most typical in head, which is strong with an excellent muzzle and general appearance, though I considered she fell away slightly at the croup rather more than I would have liked and consequently did not present as steadily on the move as the winner on the day. Pleasing full substance, which I always associate with this kennel, quality strong bone, the best of tight feet and well presented in lovely rich red coat and feather.

3rd – Woodward's - Bowdonia Time To Dream

Rising three years ten months this bitch is very typical, nice for size, with the best head in the class, partly explained by her being the off-spring of my CC winner. She is compact and well constructed though I would like a tad more width in front, she could not match the movement of the winner but was a close placing decision with second on the day. Possesses a well sprung ribcage and shown in lovely feather and full coat of rich red colour, attractively marked. Strong across the loins, well coupled with well sprung ribcage and depth of brisket.

Class 26 - Open Bitch (8:2)

1st – Ritchie's - Slapestones Smooth JW (Ai)

Typical of the quality this kennel shows consistently, this six years old impressed me for substance, breed type, overall finish and feathering. Well proportioned head and lovely, soft expression, dark, bright eyes, well padded muzzle helping create a very feminine head, excellent length of neck, pleasing outline standing, supported on outstanding quality bone and the best, tight, well rounded feet in the class. Well sprung ribcage, strong across the loins with well rounded rump and mature hindquarter muscling which sets the standard for how a fit “Welsh” should be presented in my opinion, with deeply muscled second thighs, a very sound and active mover. Correct head carriage, flags her tail slightly on the move but her overall presentation could not be bettered.

2nd – Morgan & Schofield's - Sh.Ch. Ferndel Butterkist Cwsscwn JW

One I have judged and admired before, now rising five years old and in maturity certainly does nothing to disappoint. More compact and squarely built than the winner, cobby outline, classic head with strength and length in the muzzle with correct fairly square finish, perfectly proportioned and moulded skull, correct stop and lovely dark eye colour and shape. Excels in spring of ribcage, well angulated throughout with the best of bone and firmly rounded feet, she pushed the winner hard in all departments, including her movement which was sound and determined. Unfortunately without her full coat today she lacked the overall finish of the winner but I am sure will continue to enjoy top winning ways on its return.

3rd – Pick's - Llon Alis

A most typical five and a half years old bitch shown in better coat than the second place with correct balanced of skull to muzzle length but not quite the expressive head qualities of the winners today. Well constructed throughout with strong bone and well rounded feet, lovely mature spring of ribcage and depth of body, well coupled, strong across the loins demonstrating correct slight arch, with well turned stifles, her excellent breed typical body proportions, tight structure and angulation won her placing. Very well presented, abundant coat, well textured, richly coloured and attractively feather, moved soundly and true, completing a line up of three delightful bitches of which the breed may be proud.

Class 27 - Veteran Bitch (5:1)

1st – Thomas' – Sh.Ch. Bowdonia Sweet Dreams JW

A seven years three months old bitch I have had the privilege of judging previously, when I have awarded her reserve CCs on each occasion. She has matured beautifully with a classic Welsh headpiece, kind eye and expression with excellent muzzle proportions, well developed nostrils, defined stop and moderately rounded skull with lovely chiselling to the face. Very typical, symmetrical appearance overall, rich red/white colour and correct slight arch across the loins. Good strong bone and firm feet, especially well sprung ribcage, indeed her general substance, which she has maintained as a veteran, was excellent and most appealing to me. Good depth of brisket, muscled across the loins, excellent strength in the hindquarters with deep second thigh. Very sound and true moving, active nature with real ground covering purpose, flowing drive and good head and tail carriage. Presented in lovely, full coat and feather of correct texture and looking at her very best, giving me no hesitation in finally awarding her a CC and with the complete agreement of my co-judge, BIS & BVIS, in a numerically strong and high quality entry.

2nd – Masson's - Coedybrain Rebecca at Manmoel

Rising six years old this typical and well angulated bitch displays as equally complete and lovely substance as the winner, though slightly fails to possess quite her strength of muzzle. Well proportioned skull to muzzle length and kind expression, quality bone running through strong pasterns to firm, well rounded feet, well sprung ribcage with good depth of brisket, excellent strength and width across the loins. Rich red coat colour and fully feathered, a sound and true mover with real drive from the rear.

3rd – Ritchie's -  Sh.Ch. Hillrobin Galaxy At Slapestones JW

At ten years of age a lovely compact and typical bitch, nice for size, looking splendidly fit for her age and well able to challenge the winners, though not today carrying quite their coat condition. Wonderfully sound and true on the move, strong bone still not weaken by age and the best of firm well rounded feet. Lovely balanced breed outline in profile, especially in length and setting of neck and correctly angulated hindquarters, she remains a top quality bitch without possessing any exaggerations.

Class 28 - Special Beginners Bitch (3:0)

1st – Ellis' - Glenbrows Fascination With Shannara

2nd – Yacoub's - Laithmoor’s Kasya

3rd – Charles' - Stagarth A Kind of Magic

Class 30 - Special Working Bitch (4:0)

1st – Barkley's – Cherryheath’s Miss Chief JW

Mature eight years seven months old bitch, pleasing for size and breed type, lovely, solid outline, head in proportion with dark eyes, full muzzle of length, strength and nicely padded, delightful, kind expression. Strongly boned with firm, well rounded feet, mature across the loins, nicely arched with well sprung ribcage and depth of brisket. Presented in rich red coat colour, full feather and condition. Muscled hindquarters, very well developed second thighs, impressive on a veteran, sound, steady mover, correct head and tail carriage, classic appearance without any exaggeration.

2nd – Smith's – Isfryn Hocus Pocus JW

Rising two years of age, all quality and nicely compact in build and outline, very well balanced, lovely attractive markings and ideal for size. One of the best put together bitches in the entry, lovely flowing lines and symmetry, sound front with tight elbows, lovely fore-chest, particularly strongly muscled across the loins, well coupled with good spring of ribcage. Head very balanced, eye colour compliments her coat, one to watch for future winning ways.

3rd – Sutherland's – Ch. Julita Rezanella of Jacranella

At seven years old a veteran showing the youngsters how to move with push and drive, solidly built, lovely length of neck set into well laid shoulders, excellent spring of ribcage, short coupled, still firm across the loins and correct topline, another with impressive hindquarter muscling for her age and well turned stifles. Presented in lovely mature body condition, well covered rump but not quite the head finish of the winners in my view.

Class 31 - Mrs Mary Payne Special Memorial Stakes, Bitch bred by exhibitor (8:0)

1st – Thomas' – Sh.Ch. Bowdonia Moment To Shine

At three years nine months another of classic type from this kennel, quality in abundance, lovely, typical, well balanced head, dark eye colour and soft expression. Well boned throughout and tight feet, good depth of brisket and well sprung ribcage. Typical breed topline, well angulated overall, outstanding hindquarter muscling and strong pasterns all round. Desirable rich red coat colour, well feathered and presented. Stood out as the clear winner in this class, a very sound and true mover with lovely reach in front and drive from the rear, merry with an excellent, level tail carriage.

2nd – Yacoub's – Laithmoor’s Kasya

3rd – Sutherland's – Jacranella Serenade

Class 32 - Good Citizens Dog Scheme Bitch  (5:3)

1st – Woodward & Thomas's – Bowdonia Time To Dream

2nd – Graham & Denwood's – Lyndfil Zazu JW

Attractive three years three months bitch possessing a lovely dark eye colour, well shaped rims offering a sweet expression against dark pigmentation but for me did not quite have the overall strength in the head of the winner. Correct breed outline with lovely length of neck well set into shoulders, strong across the loins and typical topline, nice for size, good depth of brisket, rich red coat colour and well feathered. Quality strong bone and firm, well padded feet, strong, well muscled hindquarters, exceptionally well developed second thighs. Moved soundly and true in front but a tad close behind in my opinion on the day.


Judge – Richard Morris (Lascoed)

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