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  ** Oxwich Bay, New Year Dog Walk **  

Sunday 7th January 2024

What a fantastic sight to see so many club members and friends turn out for our New Year Welshie Walk – you just can’t beat a walk on Oxwich beach on a brisk sunny day.

It’s only the 7th of January and named storms are already up to the letter H – which helps to explain the weather we had in the run up to today’s event. It has been wet, windy and absolutely miserable – so imagine everyone’s surprise and relief when today turned out to be a dry, bright, sunny day – absolutely perfect for our annual Welshie Dog Walk on Oxwich beach.

240107 oxwich dog walk 010We all gathered at the Oxwich Bay Hotel for a cup of coffee and a mince pie (thanks to the hotel for providing the mince pies) – before venturing onto the beach for the compulsory group photograph.

Over 45 humans brought along over 30 Welsh Springers – not counting a few interlopers which included a Lab, a very young adorable Cocker Puppy, a Dinosaur with Dachsund tendencies, a couple of German Spitz and the Irish red and white Setter who believes he’s a Welshie anyway.

After the chaos of organising the group photograph on the edge of the beach we set off down the beach towards the water. The tide was half way up the beach on its way in – so that gave the dogs plenty of room to race around like Welshies do – the tide was also close enough for a gang of cold water swimmers to race and dive into the water after their session in the mobile saunas sited in the dunes – even our dogs thought that was a crazy thing to be doing and went to inspect them.

Most of our group walked as far as the stream that enters the bay at the end of the beach – but those who had young puppies with them, sensibly broke off sooner to get back to their cars – because although it was sunny it was bitterly cold (1°C according to my car).

Many of us stopped for a cuppa at the cafe on the beach while the dogs were wrapped up warm back in the cars – and everyone seemed to be in agreement that it had been a fabulous day.

240107 oxwich dog walk 018

We all look forward to the next club’s outing which will be Kenfig or Graig y Nos – watch this site and our Facebook pages for news.

There’s also a gallery of fabulous photographs kindly supplied by Jackie England – there’s some great pics, please enjoy…