(Held under Kennel Club Limited Rules & Show Regulations)

at The Drill Hall, Lower Church Street, Chepstow, NP16 5HJ


Judge: Mr. David Everington (Peakdale)

BEST IN SHOW – Isfryn Park End JW
RESERVE BEST IN SHOW & BOS – Pamicks Tilly Trotting JW
BEST PUPPY – Jacranella Solo
BEST VETERAN – Isfryn Park End JW

160207 open show 318CRITIQUE

This was a show that I had anticipated with much pleasure and was not disappointed. My thanks to you and your officers and committee for a memorable day in pleasant company and a friendly atmosphere. I really hope that I have not offended any exhibitors with my critique, but in critiques praise and criticism go hand in hand.

My impression overall was that the bitches were rather better than the dogs but that is my opinion and I was really pleased with my BIS, RBIS and BP. I was grateful to my two excellent stewards who kept me on the straight and narrow and to Terry who worked hard all day taking the photos.


Class 1 - MINOR PUPPY DOG (no entries)

Class 2 - PUPPY DOG (4 : 2 abs)

1st - Sutherland's Jacranella Solo. 10 mths, compact and well boned puppy, short coupled with clean neck and shoulder,good topline,coat coming nicely. A bit of a fidget but good natured with it.
2nd - Harrison's Glenbrows Picture Me Now. Rangier and with less bone and substance, masculine head, decent mover but tail carried a little too high.

Class 3 - JUNIOR DOG (4 : 1 abs)

1st Yacoubs Laithmoor Marek.13 mths. A really good type with strong body,good legs and correct amount of bone, tail curled up a bit but well set on. Back short, strong and well muscled for age and with slightly arched lion, well coated and of good colour.
2nd Attwoods Kylowen Drym. Lighter build but bigger with a tendency to leginess , flatter coat but less of it. Croup a little low, acceptable head and expression but could do with a bit more lip.


1st - Yacoub's Laithmoor Marek
2nd - Jenkins' Brynseri Afan. 20 mths leaner and longer all round than first, less coat. Sound moving and clean cut but lighter boned.

Class 5 - MAIDEN DOG (1)

1st - Harrison's Glenbrows Picture Me Now.

Class 6 - NOVICE DOG (3)

1st - Poppleton's Haltonian King Lear. Lenghty all over and rather less than masculine. Good overall condition and tail carried well on the move.
2nd - Harrison's Glenbrows Picture Me Now.

Class 7 - GRADUATE DOG (4 : 1 abs)

1st - Yacoub's Laithmoor Marek
2nd - Poppleton's Haltonian King Lear.

Class 8 - POST GRADUATE DOG (5 : 1abs)

1st - Tew's Pamicks Believe You Can. Bigger type and slightly long over loin for a dog, neat head and neck flowing well into clean shoulders. Good legs all round, short hocks providing good drive. Just enough bend of stifle , tidy mover.
2nd - Dawson's Ferndel Fool Hardy. Neater type that first. Front a little wide but movement acceptable. Plenty of coat and leg feathering which exaggerated the apparent width in front.

Class 9 - LIMIT DOG (3 : 1abs)

1st - Schroeter's Mariemead Winters Dream. Good bone all round,clean neck and topline, front legs spoiled by flat feet. Moved with more spirit that second. Tail carried way too high, enough coat but curly.
2nd - Pick's Llon Ddraig Goch. Neater than one but lethargic on the move. Better legs, feet and tail than one presented. Good outline with no major faults but never realy got going.

Class 10 - OPEN DOG (2)

1st - Phillipson’s Menstonia Marksman. Neat 3 year old with good topline neck and shoulder. Enough bone and carrying a good coat, flat and clean. Ears slightly longer than desirable and proud of his tail. Head generally good with kind and intelligent expression.
2nd - Pick’s Llon Aneurin. Some similarities with the class winner but plainer in head and backend. Better rib cage. Sound

Class 11 - VETERAN DOG (3)

1st - Smith’s Isfryn Park End. The cream of the crop. A great little 8 year old. Hard fit and happy with the best kind of tail (ie docked). Presents top class outline, kind ead and expression, intelligent dark eye . Correct well placed ears. Good neck, shoulder and hind quarters. More white than red but coat in great condition. Age doth not weary him. Great drive and ready for work anytime, anywhere. Best Dog, Best Veteran and Best in Show.
2nd - Baguley’s Kylowen Gerrans Sh.Cm. A good dog, slightly spoilt by his wid(ish) front. Good topline, neat head, well set on tail. A bit lighter in bone but a good mover.


1st - Yacoub's Laithmoor Marek
2nd - Poppleton's Haltonian King Lear

Class 13 - SPECIAL WORKING DOG (No entries)

160207 open show 102BEST DOG

– Isfryn Park End JW


– Laithmoor's Marek


– Jacranella Solo





Class 14 - MINOR PUPPY BITCH (1)

1st - Lyon’s Mymmsbrook Mimosa. 9 mths. A real baby. Going the right way and with everything to come.

Class 15 - PUPPY BITCH (2)

1st - Sutherland’s Jacranella Symphony. Tidy lines, good neck, topline and tail carriage. Head not there yet but on the way. Clean legs with good enough bone, neat feet, carrying her in a positive and elegant way.
2nd - Courtney’s Sycarth Land of My Fathers. Broadly similar type to one. Less bone, better expression, slightly longer cast (no bad thing in a bitch). Good type of coat, free moving.

Class 16 - JUNIOR BITCH (5)

1st - Yacoub’s Laithmoor Kasya. Best of a mixed bunch which was a bit like the curate’s egg. Feminine head set on good neck and shoulders. Very nice, short hocks and stifle joint. Moved acceptably and carried tail better than most. Could have done with a bath.
2nd - Sutherland’s Jacranella Serenade. Different type of bitch from one. Better coat, less colour. Good backend and feet. Plainish head but good ears. Decent mover.

Class 17 - SPECIAL YEARLING BITCH (3 : 1 abs)

1st - Smith’s Isfryn Hocus Pocus JW. Nice type of useful bitch in fit condition. Keen and lively, well bodied and athletic. Good overall construction and outline from end to end. Dug in her short strong hocks and drove round the ring.
2nd - Attwood’s Kylowen Demelza. Similar in type but not condition. Clean lines in a lighter frame. Tidy movement. Not the best of fronts.

Class 18 - MAIDEN BITCH (No entries)

Class 19 - NOVICE BITCH (No entries)

Class 20 - GRADUATE BITCH (No entries)

Class 21 - POST GRADUATE BITCH (4 : 1 abs)

1st - Lancett’s Coedybrain Nia at Cwmbeili. A very nice feminine bitch with good bone, angulation and coat. well proportioned throughout and symmetrical with a kind expression flowing topline and a smooth mover.
2nd - Revill and Taylor’s Julita Rokahlua JW. Slightly larger and longer but very much a lady. Elegant head and neck, sound moving with a good tail set and carriage.

Class 22. - LIMIT BITCH (4 : 1 abs)

1st - Tew’s Pamick’s Tilly Trotting JW. The best of three really nice bitches and a real cracker. Big enough and with everything in place. Good kind head, eyes and ears. Lean but muscular neck into strong body and powerful but tidy backend. Nice rise over loin, good strong legs with even bone and tight feet. Just enough coat. hard fit and worky. Res BIS and Best Opposite Sex.
2nd - Madley’s bahri Flaming Star at Maytag. Another good one. Broadly similar type smaller but all there. Very good bone and a good coat.

Class 23 - OPEN BITCH (4 : 1 abs)

1st - Pick’s Sh. Ch. Llon Lili Bengam. Bigger slightly longer bitch but with everything fitting together . No major faults, closer to breed standard than most.
2nd - Lyon’s Bushwacker Hotspot of Mymmsbrook. Smaller but well formed. Suspicion of width in front but mainly down to feathering on front legs.clean and precise movement. Small ears on neat head, pleasing topline held well on the move.

Class 24 - VETERAN BITCH (5 : 2 abs)

1st - Masson’s Coedybrain Rebecca at Manmoel. Well set up bitch on four good legs. Strong bone (but not over boned). Good well set on head to neck and tidy shoulder. Nice length of ribcage under good topline. Longer bitch with purposeful driving movement, low to ground. Res Best Veteran.
2nd - Barne’s Islemoor Ruby Tuesday with Bahri JW. Shorter length and ribs than one. Lighter bone , very nice head, good cat feet and pasterns. Best in class for movement.

Class 25 - SPECIAL BEGINNERS BITCH (4 : 1 abs)

1st - Laithmoor Kasya
2nd - Bahri Flaming Star at Maytag

Class 26 - Special Working Bitch (4)

1st - Smith’s Isfryn Hocus Pocus
2nd - Sutherland’s Julita Rezanella of Jacranella. Nice broken coloured bitch in hard condition. Stood well over her ground and was a very true mover. Carried her tail well and looked every inch a worker.


1st - Laithmoor’s Kasya
2nd - Poppleton's Haltonian King Lear


1st - Ms T Smith’s Team (4)
2nd - Mr & Mrs Sutherland’s Team (3)

160207 open show 279BEST BITCH

– Pamicks Tilly Trotting JW


– Isfryn Hocus Pocus JW


– Jacranella Symphony





David Everington (Judge)


160207 open show 202During the lunch-break of the main show three classes of Special Awards were judged by:

Vicky Reynolds (Benoveor)

Thank you to the Officers & Committee for inviting me to judge the special classes at this lovely, friendly & well organised show. All had superb temperaments & I found some super exhibits. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to judge your lovely dogs.

Special Junior Dog or Bitch (9,1 abs)

1. Harrisons' Glenbrows Picture Me Now. Mature & confident 9 month old male who is balanced throughout with plenty of bone & substance. Lovely head with kind dark eye. Correct length of neck leading into super front assembly. Good spring of rib for one so young. Liked his overall angulation showing the correct turn of stifle with a lovely depth of second thigh, well let down hocks & the best of feet. He was turned out in super condition with a gleaming coat & moved effortlessly covering the ground with ease. Another super upstanding male from this kennel & just my 'cup of tea', could have taken him home.

2 Attwoods' Kylowen Demelza. Pretty13 month old bitch of smaller frame but lovely balance. Good front with nice layback of shoulder, lovely rise over the loin, correct turn of stifle, well let down hocks,tidy feet, moved well.

3 Sutherlands' Jacranella Solo.

Special Post Graduate Dog or Bitch (6,2 abs)

1 Revills' Julita Rokahula JW, One I have judged before; pretty girl who has a lovely outgoing nature, correct length of neck with good front & lovely rise over the loin. Good rear angulation stood on tight 'catlike' feet. Presents an overall balanced picture & the best mover in this class.

2 Lancetts' Coedybrain Nia at Cwmbeili, I liked this bitch a lot & similar remarks apply as 1, but on the day just not as positive in movement as my winner.

3 Smiths' Isfryn Hocus Pocus JW.

Special Open Dog or Bitch (7,2 abs)

Two super bitches headed this class.

1 Picks' Sh Ch Llon Lili Bengam, Such a pretty broken coated bitch. Super balance throughout with lovely flowing angles fore & aft. Stood on the best of feet & moved with purpose & drive, presented in super coat & lovely hard condition, a worthy champion.

2 Sutherlands' Ch Julita Rezanella Of Jacranella, Lovely balance throughout & has the best of fronts with a lovely reach of neck, correct bend of stifle with good rise over the loin. A favourite of mine but today didn't have the furnishings as 1;

3 Philipsons' Menstonia Marksman.

 Judge: Vicky Reynolds (Benoveor)

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