Held at Forest Oak Farm, Lydney, Glos. GL15 4LN

on SUNDAY 24th March 2024

Dogs – Ms Ruth Waller (Fireglow)
Bitches – Mrs Arlene Tester(Avilt)
Referee – Mrs Jan Rees (Typica)




Judge: Ms Ruth Waller (Fireglow)

Thank you exhibitors for a delightful entry, I thoroughly enjoyed going over your dogs and found something to admire in all the ones that I saw. Of general note: temperaments were good, and some would benefit from more ring-craft. In a few cases I was spoilt for choice. When the challenge dogs came in I selected a shortlist of four before choosing my CC and RCC winners: from Veteran, Junior, Limit and Open. For me, they had all the true Welsh Springer essentials and fulfilled the criteria I was looking for - the decision between them was hair-splitting.

Class 1 - Veteran Dog (8:3a)

What a fabulous class! Five lovely dogs all defying their age and moving around the ring with plenty of energy.

1st - Brown’s Bowdonia Ozzie VW

(9 years) Delightful and typical soft spaniel expression. Lovely throughout and moved positively with drive. Plenty of good bone and a nice arch at the loin, his outline being held well on the move. Well angulated with correct width at the fore and hind quarters.

2nd - Smith’s Isfryn Peeping Tom JW

(7 years) Very expressive head with good stop and tight eye rims. Sound, compact, well-muscled body with a great spring of rib and moved with purpose using his tail happily. Nicely boned, well coupled and correct round, thickly padded feet - well balanced.

3rd - Attwood’s Ir Sh Ch Kylowen Drym SCM Sh Cex Ir Vet Ch

Class 2 - Special Working Dog (3:1a)

1st - Smith’s Isfryn Peeping Tom JW

2nd - Barkley’s Cherryheath’s Mr Mojito

Moved really well. Nice bone and good compact outline. A good head (although here, I preferred 1). Good arch over the loin and well set on tail. Nice tight feet.

Class 3 - Baby Puppy Dog (0)

Class 4 - Minor Puppy Dog (0)

Class 5 - Puppy Dog (2:0)

Litter brothers of 10 months, both a little uncertain on the move to start with but gained confidence and performed better at subsequent appearances.

1st - Harrison’s Glenbrows Amadeus

A lovely well-made youngster in good coat. Excellent bone, good reach of neck, strong in body and with the desired angulation, hocks well let down. His movement improved throughout the competition. BPD & BPIS

2nd - Johnstone’s Glenbrows Erasmus for Gilpeta

A little behind his brother in maturity. Slightly wider in front but moved true coming and going. Correct flat, silky coat. Head with soft expression.

Class 6 - Junior Dog (5:1)

1st - Harrison’s Glenbrows Casanova

Really well-proportioned and excellent bone for size. Nicely ribbed and well angulated. I loved his proportionate head with a most typical and pleasing expression. Tail well set on and carried, he moved with good drive covering the ground easily. RCC

2nd - Barkley’s Jacranella Galahad of Cherryheath (AI)

A youngster from a larger mould but with quality bone and good deep brisket. Moved with drive. Well domed head. Plenty of nice coat.

3rd - Williams’ Nyliram The Alibi for Trebettyn

Class 7 - Yearling Dog (3:1)

1st - Clarke’s Tigerrock Tick Tick Boom

This one still needs time to mature. He has a good spring of rib, plenty of quality bone and is extremely well-muscled. Correct silky, flat coat. Appealing well-proportioned head with kind eye. Moved with drive carrying his tail well.

2nd - Caldwell & Levy’s Cerysan Limited Edition

Nicely boned and compact, but despite moving well his tail was carried very high which spoiled his outline on the move. Nice head and dark pigmented nose and eye rims. Needs more time to fully mature in body.

Class 8 - Novice Dog (4:0)

1st - Harrison’s Glenbrows Amadeus

2nd - Douglas’ Santallina Off And Running

Previously 4th in JD but moved so much better here. Well off for bone but could not compete with 1st for body qualities. A nice head and expression. Only just 12 months, so has time to continue to mature.

3rd - Johnstone’s Glenbrows Erasmus for Gilpeta

Class 9 - Post Graduate Dog (5:1)

A tricky class of different types

1st - Stevenson’s Mymmsbrook Matador with Blythway JW

An impressive boy with a great coat and moved with much drive and purpose. Straight and well boned forelegs with good feet, muscular and strong hindquarters. Pleasing head with well-placed ears.

2nd - Graham’s Don’s as Bold as Brass with Nyliram (Imp SWE) JW

Quite a different type to 1. He excels in front angulation with a deep brisket, but I would have liked more muscular hindquarters. A well-made head with a nice reach of neck set into quality shoulders.

3rd - Stone’s Kidenoan Mark Time for Merrem JW

Class 10 - Limit Dog (3:0)

1st - Gaylor & Robertson’s Heniveruce King of Brewers for Aprilflash

As soon as he came into the ring I really fell for this dog. He is in excellent coat and condition. A masculine but proportionate head, clean in throat and neck set into sloping shoulders. Good deep brisket and well sprung ribs. Nice size to bone ratio and moved with plenty of drive holding his beautiful flowing topline. CC, RBIS & BOS

2nd - Jones’ Trosley Tamoshanta

Another nice one. Soft expression and well-proportioned head. Good outline and held his topline well on the move, although rather inclined to fight his handler when asked to gait!

3rd - Gough’s Julita Rukester

Class 11 - Open Dog (5:1)

1st - Harrison’s Sh Ch Glenbrows Revolution JW

A really nice mature boy, solidly made with quality throughout. Good angulation fore and aft, moved with plenty of engagement from behind. In good coat. Appealing head with pleasing expression.

2nd - Clarke’s Sh Ch Tigerrock Magic Woundabout JW ShCEx OSW

Well domed head, and good flow from neck to shoulders, well off for bone and spring of rib. Ideal silky coat of good colour.

3rd - Cemis’ Taimere’s Talk About Me

Class 12 - Special Beginners Dog (3:0)

1st - Bennett’s Cerysan Crusader

Soundly built with well sprung ribs. Happily wagging his tail the whole time, skull broad but with a pleasant expression.

2nd - Piggott’s Hudolus Sealkiss Strumble

Reserve in PGD. Nice looking boy but was a bit worried with the show environment. Nicely angulated, could have put more into his movement. Excellent coat colour and condition.

3rd - Levy’s Cerysan Commodore

Class 13 - Mr. Danny Pritchard Special Memorial Stakes – Dog Bred By Exhibitor (4:1)

1st - Smith’s Isfryn Peeping Tom JW

2nd - Attwood’s Ir Sh Ch Kylowen Drym Sh CM Sh Cex Ir Vet Ch

3rd in VD. Really nice boy but would not look happy or use his tail. Lovely head and melting expression, and with nice angulation and coat qualities.

3rd - Douglas’ Santallina Off and Running

Class 14 - Good Citizen Dog Scheme – Dog (2:0)

1st - Barkley’s Sh Ch Cherryheath’s Mr Mischief JW ShCM VW

12 years young and so pleased to be here! He may have lost some coat colour but has lost none of his sparkle. Well boned and angulated, moving with drive.

2nd - Bennett’s Helgen Romeo The Lover for Flyboron

Presented a compact outline and moved soundly. Nice bone and well carried tail.

DOG C.C. – Heniveruce King of Brewers for Aprilflash

Owner: Miss C Gaylor & Mr I Robertson. Winner of Limit Dog.

RESERVE DOG C.C. – Glenbrows Casanova

Owner: Mr T & Mrs H Harrison. Winner of Junior and Novice Dog.

BEST PUPPY DOG – Glenbrows Amadeus

Owner: Mr T & Mrs H Harrison. Winner of Puppy Dog

BEST VETERAN DOG – Bowdonia Ozzie VW

Owner: Mr A & Mrs H Brown. Winner of Veteran Dog


Held at Forest Oak Farm, Lydney, Glos. GL15 4LN

on SUNDAY 24th March 2024

Dogs – Ms Ruth Waller (Fireglow)
Bitches – Mrs Arlene Tester(Avilt)
Referee – Mrs Jan Rees (Typica)



Judge: Mrs Arlene Tester (Avilt)

My thanks to the Officers, Committee and Members for asking me to judge at the Welsh Springer Spaniel Club of South Wales Championship Show, the home country of our beautiful breed, it was a great honour for me.

I must also thank my very competent stewards who worked so hard to keep everything going smoothly and the exhibitors who allowed me to go over their beautiful dogs.

The breed has improved in some areas since I last judged bitches. There is one small comment that I would like to make and that is, please watch when trimming necks, thinning necks out too much can make the neck look weak and the dog out of balance. The standard says long but muscular.

Class 15 - Veteran Bitch (8:1)

1st - Jones' Sh Ch Julita Rumours at Trosley

A good honest Welshie with nothing exagerated. Well balanced head with kind eye and good expression. Strong neck into good shoulders and well angulated front. Good depth of brisket and well sprung ribs. Topline good, strong quarters, moved soundly with enthusiasm. RCC

2nd - Caldwell's Hillpark Queen Bee For Cerysan AWB

Nice head, strong neck, well sprung ribs. Strong quarters with nice second thighs. Good turn of stifle. Moved well.

3rd - Woodward’s Sarabande Billie Jean at Hinxwood

Class 16 - Special Working Bitch (0)

Class 17 – Baby Puppy Bitch (0)

Class 18 Minor Puppy Bitch (2:1)

1st - Jackson & Palmer's Tuttington Ginger Snap At Ardinia

Just 6 months old and in the leggy stage. Nice head with sweet expression and well set ears. Long neck into good shoulders. Nice front angulation with good upper arm. Good depth of rib for age, compact body with good topline, Moved well, a very happy girl.

Class 19 - Puppy Bitch (1:0)

1st - McIlwaine & Reynolds Ferndel Rebecca For Benoveor (AI)

Pretty girl with good head and expression. Balanced outline good depth of brisket and spring of ribs. Enough angulation, moved steadily and well handled. Just 9 months and a lot of maturing to do, just lost out in the challenge for BPIS to a much more mature dog puppy.

Class 20 - Junior Bitch (4:1)

1st - Harrison's Glenbrows Harmony

Pretty bitch with good head, neck, shoulders and front. Deep brisket and good spring of rib and good quarters. Moved well enough but she did appear to be at one today with her handler.

2nd - Whitfield's Glenbrows Thought To Amberdella

Feminine bitch with good head and enough length of neck Good topline and tail-set. Not the bone of 1, moved well and was very happy.

3rd - McIlwaine & Reynolds Ferndel Rebecca For Benoveor (AI)

Class 21 - Yearling Bitch (4:2)

1st - Whitfield's Glenbrows Thought To Amberdella

2nd - Casey's Tigerrock Amazing Grace With Willowmeana

A very pretty bitch with a lovely outline. Good depth of brisket, compact and short sopled with nicely rounded quarters, good second thighs. Moved well, just needs a little more confidence and she should do well.

Class 22 - Novice Bitch (5:0)

1st - Blackford's Amblelight Adhara JW

Good honest type of Welshie capable of a day's work. Balanced head, good strong neck, deep brisket and straight well-boned legs. Compact with well developed quarters which powered her on the move.

2nd - Harrison's Glenbrows Harmony

3rd - Janes' Jacranella Georgia Belle (AI)

Class 23 - Post Graduate Bitch (5:0)

1st - Blackford's Amblelight Adhara JW

2nd - Casey's Tigerrock Lit De Roses With Willowmeana

Good head and a soft expression. Neck of good length, compact body and good quarters. Not as postive on the move as 1.

3rd - Morgan’s Benoveor Endless Love

Class 24 - Limit Bitch (6:1)

1st - Graham's Nyliram The Moth Catcher

Good head with chiselling, clean strong neck of correct length to balance her outline. Deep brisket and well sprung ribs. Compact body and good strong well formed quarters. Angulation front and rear were nice, she made a lovely picture standing and moved correctly not putting a foot wrong. I was delighted to award her the CC her third I was told so congratulations are in order. On the Referee's decision she was also BIS.

2nd - Popkin's Julita Ryveeta

Balanced head with good eye and expression. Deep chest and good length of rib. Good topline and tail-set, strong quarters just tends to drop her topline which is a shame. Moved with enthusiasm and an ever wagging tail.

3rd - Thomas' Bowdonia Truly Scrumptious

Class 25 - Open Bitch (7:1)

1st - Woodward's Hinxwood Fire And Ice

Very attractive bitch with a lot to like about her. Pretty head with kind eye, good reach of neck topline and quarters. Well boned legs and good depth of brisket. Movement was slightly more positive than 2 which gave her the place.

2nd - Graham's Sh Ch Nyliram Telling Tales JW

Good head and eye, squarish muzzle and good length of neck for her outline. Deep well sprung ribs, compact body with nicely rounded quarters. She has a well balanced outline. Moved like a train but not quite as postively as 1.

3rd - Clarke & Sherlock's Sh Ch Crimicar She's Electrick With Tigerrock

Class 26 - Special Beginners Bitch (3:0)

1st - Casey's Tigerrock Lit De Roses With Willowmeana

2nd - Morgan's Benoveor Endless Love

Balanced typical head with good eye, neck has enough length and strength. Well boned with good fore-chest and deep strong ribs. Topline is good but sometimes has a slight dip. Nice turn of stifle and good wide second thighs. Not as compact as one.

3rd - Whitfield's Glenbrows Thought To Amberdella

Class 27 - Mrs Mary Payne Special Memorial Stakes – Bitch Bred By Exhibitor (1:0)

1st - Attwood's Kylowen Demelza VW Ir Vet CH v

Nice size and shape, good typical head , strong neck into good shoulders, well angulated front with well boned legs. Deep well sprung ribs, short coupled, nice wide second thighs and strong quarters. Just tends to drop her topline, more settled in movement than in previous class.

Class 28 - Good Citizen Dog Scheme – Bitch (3:0)

1st - Barkley's Cherryheath Miss Velocity JW

Nice head and soft expression, good depth of brisket, and well boned legs. Well sprung ribs and short coupled. Nice strong quarters which she used to power around the ring.

2nd - Caldwell's Hillpark Queen Bee For Cerysan

3rd - Morgan’s Benoveor Endless Love

BITCH C.C. – Nyliram The Moth Catcher JW

Owner: Mrs J Graham. Winner of Limit Bitch.

RESERVE BITCH C.C. – Sh Ch Julita Rumours at Trosley

Owner: Mrs S Jones. Winner Veteran Bitch

BEST PUPPY BITCH – Ferndel Rebecca for Benoveor

Owner: Mdmes McIlwaine & Reynolds’. Winner of Puppy Bitch.

BEST VETERAN BITCH – Sh Ch Julita Rumours at Trosley

Owner: Mrs S Jones. Winner Veteran Bitch.

Referee Jan Rees was called upon to select BIS and RBIS

BEST IN SHOW Nyliram The Moth Catcher JW

RESERVE BEST IN SHOW Heniveruce King of Brewers for Aprilflash

BEST PUPPY IN SHOW Glenbrows Amadeus











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