health survey 01The Welsh Springer Spaniel Club of South Wales are pleased to support the BREED HEALTH SURVEY initiative launched by the Breed Health Co-ordinator (BHC), Mrs Pat Butler-Holley, in conjunction with The Kennel Club and all four UK Breed Clubs, – the Breed Health Survey is now live and ready for your input.

This comprehensive survey has been designed in conjunction with The Kennel Club to give an up-to-date insight into the health conditions affecting the Welsh Springer Spaniel. The survey will run for an initial three months, after which interim results will be analysed by The Kennel Club and published.

We need your help… PLEASE complete the survey for each of your Welsh Springer Spaniels, past and present. The responses are anonymous, unless you elect to identify yourself (or your dog), so please be as honest about any health conditions as you can. The survey results will help shape any future research into conditions affecting the breed.

To complete the survey please go click on

The survey can take up to 30 minutes per dog to complete. However, dogs without any conditions can be completed in a much shorter time. There is no rush to complete the survey so those with multiple dogs may complete surveys over a longer period of time. As stated above, initially a period of three months has been set, after which, interim results will be analysed by The Kennel Club and published via the BHC and the Breed Clubs.

The data controllers for this survey are Mrs Pat Butler-Holley (WSS BHC), This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and Miss Hannah James (Breed Health Manager, The Kennel Club).

For any further information please contact the BHC directly on the email address above. Please like the BHC Facebook page to keep up to date with all health matters -

    You can find out more about the JHG (Joint Health Group) here    

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