(Held under Kennel Club Limited Rules & Show Regulations)

at Chepstow Leisure Centre, Chepstow, NP16 5LR

on SUNDAY 26th MARCH 2017

DOGS: Pat Butler-Holley (Shandwick)
BITCHES: Catherine Dods (Balcraig)
REFEREE: Jan Rees (Typica)

BEST IN SHOW - Taimere's Twister Round Nyliram JW ShCm 
RESERVE BEST IN SHOW (& BOS) - Taimere's Two Step
BEST PUPPY IN SHOW - Pamicks Field Of Dreams
BEST VETERAN IN SHOW - Sh Ch Slapestones Smooth JW (Ai)


17 03 26 WSSCSW ChampShow 339I would like to congratulate this breed club, committee and stewards for making me so welcome. The club goes to great lengths to ensure judges, and exhibitors are happy. The welcome of Welsh cakes in the morning are a delight. To the exhibitors I would like to say thank you for preparing your dogs in such a fantastic way, however, overzealous handling by some didn’t go unrecognised and needs to be thought about and addressed as per the KC rules on handling exhibits. The photographs at the end of the day are a must to have as this is history being made after each and every show. I like nothing better than looking back over old photos of who won what and when - and the albums out on display created by Mansel Young gave each and everybody a chance to view a snap shot of the history of the breed.

Judge: Mrs Pat Butler-Holey (Shandwick)


1st - Harvey’s Benjamin Jankina Zahrada To Mariemead (Imp SVK), stood alone in this class, pleasing head and expression, good bone and substance. A little proud of his tail today moved with good driving action.


Each of the 4 exhibits in this class was quite different in shape and balance

1st - Davis’s Julita Rutland, in my opinion he looks every bit a Welsh Springer Spaniel, balanced in body displaying good height to length ratio. His head is so pleasing in expression and balance. Good kind eye, not overdone in foreface. Long muscular neck, pleasing shoulder, good body and ribs, strong loin and good quarters. Moved well. I shall watch his progress with interest.

2nd - Harvey Benjamin Jankina Zahrada to Mariemead (Imp SVK)

3rd - Jenkins Cwmbeili Morgan


1st - Worth’s, Sarabande Man in the Mirror (Ai) hand on heart I can honestly say I haven’t been a good supporter of him during his puppy career, but today at 16 months old he his starting to look the part. Balanced in body proportions, good head and eye showing all the attributes of a Welsh Springer. Long strong neck, well angulated shoulders, good ribs and strong quarters. Moved well both fore and aft.

2nd - Riley’s Ferndel Peanut Butter at Ravensworth preferred the winner in head today, but still a really well presented dog, good strong quarters, a little proud of his tail on the move. His overall balance was good in terms of height to length ratio but today lacked a little weight which would have improved his overall shape when viewed in profile.

3rd - Knowles Menstonia Masterstroke.


1st - Harrison’s Glenbrows Picture me Now JW, this dog certainly surprised me on the day. Classic head and expression, good strong neck, well angulated shoulders, deep brisket, well sprung ribs, strong loin and strong wide quarters. He is balanced in overall body proportions but upto size. Moved well with true driving action.

2nd - Worth’s, Sarabande Man in the Mirror (Ai)

3rd - Riley’s Ferndel Peanut Butter at Ravensworth


1st - Knowles Menstonia Masterstroke doing everything today to make his handler work hard. Not giving his best. His head is so typical of what has become expected from this kennel. Soft kind eye, head of good shape well chiselled given that true Welsh expression. Good front action on the move.


1st - Davis’s Julita Rutland

2nd - Knowles' Menstonia Masterstroke

3rd - Wood & Montoya-Wood's Glenbrows Paper Mayhem


1st - Brown’s Bowdonia Ozzie A lot to like about this youngster, for me his overall outline won this class. From his pleasing well balanced head to the tip of his tail he looked every bit a Welsh Springer. His head is good in proportion with good foreface, his eye could be darker in colour, but it doesn’t distract from his expression. He moved so well displaying plenty of push and drive so true of what is required from the breed.

2nd - Worth’s, Sarabande Man in the Mirror (Ai)

3rd - Ellis' Shannara Total Eclipse


1st - MCDowell's Bowdonia only the brave for Cerysan displayed all the attributes that is required in overall conformation and balance, symmetrical and compact. Good head and strong neck, good bone and substance presented in terrific form and body. Would prefer tighter front movement but overall a very pleasing winner of this class.

2nd - Blackford's Ambelight Galatea, sometimes a dog just says that’s it I’ve done enough of this behaving lark and now I need to play!!! How he made his handler work hard for his 2nd place today. When he did stand still and move in harmony with his handler he certainly has got what it takes. Good head and kind expression, strong neck and good shoulders. I preferred his front to that of the winner today. Moved well.

3rd - Buckwell's Killene Dancing in the Dark.

LIMIT DOG (11,0)

1st - Graham Taimere’s Twister round Nyliram JW ShCM as a youngster he never really appealed to me from the ringside, but it’s a different story when you get hands on. His head is so well balanced, good strong muzzle, kind eye and expression. His depth of chest, strong body, good ribs and strong loin is a pleasure to see which is sadly lacking in many. Strong neck, good return of upper arm angulation and a pronounced sternum. His quarters are strong wide and powerful, so well muscled. All of this is used to his advantage when he moves. I was delighted to award him the DCC and with the agreement of my co Judge Catherine Dodds he was awarded BIS plus the wonderful Welsh crystal trophy which was awarded to him in memory of Len and Kath Morgan.

2nd - Boumonte and Dimond’s Islanza Going Dutch of Roxdale, Cannot say I have seen this dog before but again a lot to like about him, he pushed the winner hard on the move but quite a different outline to the winner. He his balanced in body, good head and eye, strong neck and good shoulders. I considered him for the RCC but preferred the clean lines of the eventual winner.

3 Murray’s Lyndfil Simba from Priestbeck

OPEN DOG (5,0)

1st - Tolladay’s Sh ch Ferndel Comander of Bethersden I have sung his praises before as I previously awarded him the RCC a few years ago. This dog is so well built in all departments from his wonderful head and expression to the whole quality of the dog. I particularly like his size and shape so well balanced in totally proportion all over. I like him and felt he truly deserved the RCC again. He is so happy on the move using his tail as he goes around the ring, it was a pleasure to see him.

2nd - Worth's Sarabande Perfect Storm (Ai) Sh cm A lot to like about this dog, he is presented in fantastic coat and condition. His head is balanced, good eye and expression, strong neck and shoulders good upper arm angulation, strong body and good over the loin, wide quarters which he puts t good use on the move. Unlucky to meet winner on such good form today. Must have a bright future.

3 Phillipson’s Menstonia Marksman


1st - Connolly’s Menstonia Mahler at Benmorby at 12 years old he certainly is still able to show off his true active movement. He is up to size put so well balanced in fantastic overall condition a wonderful grand old gentleman.

2nd - Tew’s Pamicks Dazzling Boy JW ShCM 4 years younger than winner but certainly he pushed the winner hard today. Not quite a positive in movement but still went well.

3rd - Murray’s Slapestones Mars at Priestbeck


1st - Brown’s Bowdonia Ozzie

2nd - Snell’s Menstonia Moonwalker, he had a great time entertaining himself in the ring. At just 12months old he is quite raw but still a lot to like about him. I do hope both handler and dog continue the enjoyment of showing in the future

3rd -  Yacoub Laithmoors Marek


1st - Jenkins Cwmbeilia Morgan, awarded 3rd in puppy today but obviously as the day had gone on he decided to enjoy being a puppy and gave his handler quite a hard time but still good enough to win the class well done.  Sympathetically handled by his young handler in this class.

2nd - Poppleton Haltonian King Lear 


1st - Blackford's Ambelight Galatea

2nd - Attwood's Kylowen Drym

3rd - Yacoub's Laithmoors Marek 


1st - Barkley's Sh Ch Cherryheath’s Mr Mischief JW ShCM a great favourite of mine such a great show man, he loves ever moment of being with his owner breeder, showing his socks off.  His head and expression is so pleasing.  Strong neck and good shoulders well sprung ribs and good quarters.  Moved well so true and active.  He pushed hard for the RCC today.  I just love him.

2nd - Brown’s Bowdonia Ozzie

3rd - Attwood's Kylowen Drym


BEST DOG – Taimere’s Twister round Nyliram JW ShCM

RESERVE BEST DOG – Sh Ch Ferndel Commander of Bethersden

BEST PUPPY DOG – Julita Rutland


I would like to thank the committee for making me most welcome and also to my very helpful steward. I had an enjoyable day judging the bitches at this popular and friendly well run show. Having judged at the three other Breed Clubs I considered it a great honour to be chosen to judge at the South Wales Club and would like to thank all the exhibitors for giving me a wonderful entry. I was in complete agreement with my co-judge Pat Butler-Holey that BIS go to the dog who was more mature and looked great in the challenge. We were in full agreement that RBIS, BOS, BPIS and BV went to my bitches.
Catherine Dods (Balcraig) 



1st - Harrison’s Glenbrows Hearts Wish, 8 months and well up for size, good head with dark eye, well angulated front and rear quarters, good depth and spring of rib with good bone and feet, moved out well and was shown in gleaming coat.

2nd - Whitfield’s Glenbrows Heart to Heart, litter sister, she is a nice type with a pretty head and kind eye, good bone but at the moment not as balanced as she is a touch longer.


1st - Tew’s Pamicks Field of Dreams, this girl at 1 day off her first birthday stood out for me, she looked a picture of type and quality, so well balanced, lovely head, well ribbed, good bone and she moved merrily and soundly. BPIS.

2nd - Harrison’s Glenbrows Hearts Wish

3rd - Pick’s Llon Blodyn Ymenyn


A good class …

1st - Knowles’ Menstonia Midnight Dreamer,

2nd - Ritchies Sarabande Eternity at Slapetones (AI), what a super pair difficult to split them, both have quality in construction and breed type, lovely heads, dark eyes with pleasing expressions, best of necks and shoulders, they are well balanced with good ribbing and bone, both moved out well. I am sure they will change places many times but today it was Menstonia Midnight Dreamer’s turn.

3rd - Dawson’s Ferndel Heather Dew


Class of different types.

1st - Barkley’s Cherryheath’s Miss Velocity JW, I was impressed how this girl has come on, not a flashy girl but a very honest type, liked her head and expression, stands on a good front, strong body with well sprung ribs, sound and happy on the move.

2nd - Harrison’s Glenbrows Liberty (Al) JW, at 14 months she is not as mature as 1 but could not be denied her placing, well balanced with lovely head and expression, excels in neck and shoulders, nicely bodied with good bone and feet, sound on the move.

3rd - Sutherland’s Jacranella Sonata


1st - Knowles’ Menstonia Midnight Dreamer

2nd - Lucket-Roynon’s Solva Martinka, unplaced in good Junior class, although a different type and less mature overall she is a nice bitch, liked her head and nice soft expression, she needs time.


1st - Knowles’ Menstonia Midnight Dreamer

2nd - Harrison’s Glenbrows Hearts Wish

3rd - Woodward’s Sarabande Billie Jean at Hinxwood (AI)


1st - Connolly’s Ambika Tranquil Spirit for Benmorbry, lots to like about this very honest bitch, nice head, best of necks and shoulders, good depth and ribcage, moved happily and soundly.

2nd - Tew’s Pamicks Field of Dreams

3rd - Sutherland’s Jacranella Serenade


Would have liked two firsts in this class as they were difficult to separate.

1st - Tolladay’s Ferndel High Society to Bethersden, this bitch has quality and balance, good neck and lay of shoulder, well ribbed and excellent front and rear angulation, super coat and condition, her front reach and free flowing movement took her to the top of the class.

2nd - Jackson’s Benton Pillow Talk at Ardinia (Imp Fin) JW, another one with quality she is a lovely type with attractive head and expression, stands on a good front with good placed shoulders, super depth and spring of rib, well presented in lovely condition.

3rd - Sutherland’s Jacranella Symphony


Very strong class with some lovely bitches going unplaced.

1st - Tain’s Taimeres Two Step, this bitch impressed she is so typical and very balanced outline, in lovely coat and condition, beautiful head and expression, good neck into super front assembly, correct topline with depth to ribcage, moved with such reach and drive on good legs and feet. CC, RBIS, BOS. After awarding her the CC I was told that she was litter sister to the dog CC winner. As I wasn’t in the hall during the dog judging I was unaware of this.

2nd - Graham & Denwood’s Lyndfil Zazu JW, I have sung her praises before and today she pushed the winner all the way, she has a lovely head and expression from her dark eyes, good strength of neck into clean shoulders with depth to ribcage, presented in lovely coat and condition, moved out well in the challenge to clinch the RCC.

3rd - Thomas’ Bowdonia Seraphina JW Sh CM


Another good class.

1st - Morgan & Schofield’s Sh Ch Ferndel Silhouette of Cwsscwn JW, she was BPIS last time I judged and I still consider her a top bitch and now a worthy Sh Ch, she is a lovely type, feminine head with lovely expression, well balanced and well developed quarters which she used on the move.

2nd - Tain’s Sh Ch Taimere’s Takes the Biscuit JW, close up, another top quality bitch who also deserves her title, beautiful breed type in peak condition, balanced head and has lovely expression with kind dark eyes, she is well built with nice neck and shoulders, deep well ribbed body with good bone and feet, her movement is positive and she flows around the ring with good extension in front and drive from her well developed rear.

3rd - Thomas’ Sh Ch Bowdonia Moment to Shine


1st - Ritchie’s Slapestones Smooth JW (AI), 7 year old in excellent condition, she scored in head and expression, stands on a good front with good placed shoulders, strong body with good ribbing, well built rear and stood on good feet, moved true with good extension and drive. BV

2nd - Thomas’ Sh Ch Bowdonia Sweet Dreams JW, 8 year old a different type but another quality bitch, good strength to neck into clean shoulders with depth to ribcage, moved soundly holding her topline.

3rd - Sutherland’s Ch Julita Rezanella Of Jacranella


1st - Phillips’ Tudful Ffos-Y-Fran

2nd - Charles’ Stagarth a Kind of Magic

3rd - Yacoub’s Laithmoor’s Kaysa



1st - Barkley’s Cherryheath’s Miss Chief JW, 9 year old well made bitch, pleasing head with dark eye, strong and deep body, moved out well using her strong hindquarters, in lovely condition, she is a credit to her owner.

Mrs Mary Payne Special Memorial Stakes, Bitch bred by Exhibitor (6)

1st - Tew’s Pamicks Field of Dreams

2nd - Thomas’ Bowdonia Anastasia JW, different type of bitch but a good one all the same, shown in wonderful bloom, good neck and shoulders, deep body with good bone, not quite as positive in movement.

3rd - Attwood’s Kylowen Demelza

Good Citizens Dog Scheme, Bitch (5)

1st - Graham & Denwood’s Slapestones Heart (AI), lovely well balanced bitch with feminine head and lovely expression, good neck into correct shoulders, she is well bodied with good ribbing, bone and feet, strong hindquarters which enabled her to move soundly and with drive.

2nd - Thomas’ Bowdonia Anastasia JW

3rd - Attwood’s Moorash Lady Ygraine of Kylowen


BEST BITCH – Taimeres Two Step


BEST PUPPY BITCH – Pamicks Field of Dreams

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