(Held under Kennel Club Limited Rules & Show Regulations)

at Chepstow Leisure Centre, Chepstow, NP16 5LR

on SUNDAY 30th MARCH 2014

DOGS: Tom Graham (Nyliram)
BITCHES: Gill Tully (Highclare)
REFEREE: Debbie Roberts (Cwrt Afon)

WSSCSW champ 140330 173CRITIQUE

Judge: Tom Graham (Nyliram)


Many thanks to the committee for the invitation to judge this well organised & friendly show.

B.I.S. was the veteran bitch Sh Ch Hillrobin Galaxy At Slapestones JW, I had to agree with my co-judge on this decision, as she just moved round the ring with ease, showing the younger exhibits how it should be done. She is all Welsh & excels in overall balance, a lovely feminine head, shown in super condition for her age (8yrs), handled to perfection by one of our top young handlers, well done both.

R.B.I.S. was the dog Taimeres Tomfoolery the winner of my strongest class of the day (LD).

B.P.I.S. was the bitch Ferndel Fairy Tale promising puppy, very feminine, with everything in the right place for her age, good sound mover.


Class 1 - Minor Puppy Dog (4)

Four promising puppies

1. Harrisons: Glenbrows Magician - well balanced head, ample neck, true front, tight feet, good depth & body for age, moved out well.
2. Harvey's: Homecomers Pan God the Wild to Mariemead - balanced frame, head needs more work at the moment, true front, moved steadily.
3. Frost's: Bushwacker Bruce Almighty - ample substance, balanced all through, nice head, needs a little more confidence on the move.
4. Jenkins': Ypagneul Piccolet

Class 2 - Puppy Dog (9:3)

1. Bott's: Ferndel Fools Gold - lovely type, super head, well bodied, true front & good feet, strong rear, a challenge to his handler, put down well, will not see the best of him until he settles, BPD.
2. Worth's: Sarabande Rio Grande (AI) - presents a lovely outline with good balance, true front, nice head & expression, in good condition, not as confident as winner today, his time will come.
3. Reynolds': Benoveor Crime Wave Des Vauriennese (Imp Ned) - another promising youngster, will need time, balanced head, strong neck, true front, moved out well.
4. Pick &Chisholm's: Llon Ddraig Goch
VHC. Buckwell's: Killena Tumbag

Class 3 - Junior Dog (8:1)

1. Duncan's: Redfrith Jack Of Diamonds - very nice, 14 mths, masculine head, good eye, strong neck, true front, lovely bone & substance, well ribbed, strong in loin & rear, moved out well, owner needs to watch weight over shoulders,
2. Murray's: Lyndfil Simba from Priestbeck - presents a lovely outline when stacked, good head, ample bone, tight feet, just needs a little more over loin, moved steadily & true.
3. Johnstone's: Glenbrows Paper Money for Gilpeta - good head, true front, ample bone, just at that teenage stage, moved true,
4. Reynolds': Benoveor Crime Wave Des Vauriennese (Imp Ned)
VHC. Luckett-Roynon's: Solva Vasil

Class 4 - Yearling Dog (8:1)

1. Butler-Holley's: Shandwick Promise - this young man is living up to his name, everything just right for his age, lovely balance all through, super head, good bone & feet, correct topline, strong rear, moved out well, will be in his prime shortly, one to watch, in super condition.
2. Harrisons: Glenbrows Rainman JW - another smart boy, good head, neck & shoulders, true front with good feet, ample body, in lovely condition, moved well.
3. Evans': Typica Red Kite - not as mature as 1 & 2, nice head, true front, good outline, moved well at one with his handler, shows lots of promise,
4. Duncan's: Redfrith Jack of Diamonds
VHC Frost's: Cochnaid's Cartier Topaz JW

Class 5 - Maiden Dog (3:1)

1. Worth's: Sarabande Rio Grande (Al)
2. Halpin's: Moonlone Travelling Man RAF - a little stronger in head than 1, good bone & depth, well ribbed, sufficient substance, moved true.

Class 6 - Novice Dog (7:1)

1. Duncan's: Redfrith Jack Of Diamonds
2. Worth's: Sarabande Perfect Storm (Al) - another promising youngster, well balanced, good head, straight front, ample bone & substance, in lovely condition, moved out well, pushed hard for BPD.
3. Harrison's: Glenbrows Magician
4. Buckwell's: Killena Tumbag
VHC. Breeze's: Glenbrows Paintbox at Clynewood

Class 7 - Graduate Dog (9:2)

1. Cocking & Barnaby's: Bushwacker Captain Courageous at Ruskin - lovely type, super head, true front & tight feet, good depth & substance, moved out well with correct topline, one for the future.
2. Evans': Typica Red Kite
3. Luckett-Roynon's: Solva Giorgio - very nice type, lovely true front, tight feet, nice bone & substance, just needs that extra ring presence to achieve top spot.
4. Duncan's: Redfrith Jack of Diamonds
VHC. Frost's: Cochnaid's Cartier Topaz JW

Class 8 - Post Graduate Dog (4:1)

1. Ritchie's: Slapestones Eros JW - well balanced & compact, good head, straight front, correct feet, ample substance, would like a little more of him, moved & handled well.
2. Luckett-Roynon's: Solva Giorgio
3. Johnston's: Coedybrain Terfel of Diales - nice type, shows good balance, in lovely condition, just needs that extra sparkle on the move.

Class 9 - Limit Dog (10)

Hardest class of the day split decisions had to be made, all placings could change on another day even with those that went cardless.

1. Mcgrath's: Taimeres Tomfoolery - one I have admired from the ringside, but thought “what would he really look like properly trimmed out ?”, well the owner must be a mind reader as today he was immaculately presented. His outline & shape was all there to see, he has a lovely balanced masculine head, strong neck, good substance & ribbing, strong over loin, well muscled rear, moved out steadily with purpose covering the ground well, keeping correct topline, well done for showing him in the condition he deserves. CC & RBIS.
2. Howarth's: Menstonia Men Only at Arkview JW - just coming into his own, lovely shape, balanced head, true front & tight feet, lovely depth & angulation, moved out  true & freely, well presented, RCC.
3. Tolladay's: Ferndel Commander of Bethersden - well balanced throughout , in good condition & presented well, masculine head, straight front, correct depth, strong over loin, just does not give 100% on the move at times, I hope his handler will keep working on this to achieve their goal.
4. Dias-Ballantyne's: Redfrith Hot Fudge
VHC. Douglas': Ferndel Justin Time

Class 10 - Open Dog (7)

1. Pick's: Llon Aneurin - lovely type that presents a nice outline when stacked, masculine head, good neck & shoulders, true front with depth, strong rear, moved out well, would prefer a little more finish to complete the picture.
2. Caldwell & Mcdowell's: Sh Ch Gemill Back to the Future for Cerysan JW - compact dog, balanced all through, masculine head, true front, ample depth, good condition, moved true, just preferred the outline of winner when stacked.
3. Barkley's: Cherryheath's Mr. Mischief JW Sh CM - good head & front, strong neck, tight feet, well ribbed, strong rear, just lost his usual sparkle on the move today.
4. Murray's: Slapestones Mars at Priestbeck
VHC. Tew's: Pamicks Dazzling Boy JW

Class 11 - Veteran Dog (4)

1. Worth's: Sh Ch Shandwick Kristoffer At Sarabande Sh CM - 10yrs young, still moving like a youngster, he is one of those dogs that has got better with age, shows lovely balance & outline, in great condition for his age, I must say he suits his facial colouring, BVD.
2. Baguley's: Tannamoor Hallmark At Lligwy Sh CM - in lovely condition for 10 yrs, larger frame than 1, good depth & ribbing, nice topline moved true & free.
3. Evans': Bwgan Llwyd Ar Nantlle - 8 yrs, good head, well balanced, true front, moved soundly.
4. Wren's: Gwynmarren Winter Storm JW

Class 12 - Special Beginners Dog (3:1)

1. Breeze's: Glenbrows Paintbox at Clynewood - balanced head, ample bone & depth, in good condition, moved true, handler must be patient for him to mature.
2. Ovey's: Bozidar Rio - heavier frame than 1 good head, adequate depth, moved true.

Class 13 - Special New Members Dog (1)

1. Halpin's: Moonlone Travelling Man RAF

Class 14 - Special working Dog (2)

1. Smith's: Isfryn Park End JW
2. Evans': Coedybrain Ryan Ar Nantlle - both had nice heads, true fronts, ample bone & substance, just preferred rear movement of 1.

Class 15 - Mr Danny Pritchard Special Memorial Stakes - Dog bred by Exhibitor Dog (1)

1. Halpin's: Moonlone Travelling Man RAF

Class 16 - Good Citizen Dog scheme - Dog (2)

1. Baguley & Attwood's: Kylowen Gerrans Sh CM - lovely type, super condition, well balanced compact body, I’ve said before I would like another inch in height to finish the picture, sound mover.
2. Wren's: Gwynmarren Winter Storm JW - heavier frame than 1, masculine head, well bodied, moved true at his own pace.

DOG C.C. - Taimeres Tomfoolery

RESERVE DOG C.C. - Menstonia Men Only At Arkview JW

BEST PUPPY DOG - Ferndel Fools Gold


WSSCSW champ 140330 460

Judge: Gill Tully (Highclare)


Class 17 – Minor Puppy Bitch (5:1)

1. Caldwell's: Bowdonia Bellissima for Cerysan - she won this class easily, pretty head and dark eyes, good lay of shoulders and plenty of body. Good legs and feet. She is a little high over the rump at the moment but she is very young. Movement was her best feature smooth and clean both going and coming.
2. Stidson's: Ypagneul Serendipity by Roxdale - another nice baby less mature than one but I am sure will come along well in time, she wasn't as positive in front on the move.
3. Lancett's: Coedybrain Nia at Cwmbeili
4. Johnston's: Coedybrain Mali at Nalydris

Class 18 - Puppy Bitch (10:2)

1. Fairhall's: Ferndel Fairy Tale - well what a fairy tale she may be for her owner, what a cracker I could have taken her home. She is so balanced from head to tail and so pleasing on the eye. I have nothing bad to say about her at all, lovely head and eye the best of shoulder angles and correct top line. Slight rise over loin and a moderate bend of stifle. Straight legs and tight feet, movement was a delight. Another one from this outstanding kennel BPIS.
2. Halpin's: Moonlone Forever in Our Hearts RAF - another nice bitch and a lot younger than one. Lovely shape with correct shoulders and back end. Pleasant head and dark eye, she moved very well another one for the future methinks.
3. Reynolds': Benoveor High Crimes Des Vauriennese (Imp Ned)
4. Pick's: Llon Lili Bengam
VHC. Worth's: Sarabande River Breeze (Al)

Class 19 - Junior Bitch (3)

1. Boumonte & Dimond's: Islanza High Spot of Roxdale (Al) - this young lady has a lovely shape all through. Pleasant head and eye. Super neck and shoulders and the best of top line. Good rise over loin, deep brisket good legs and feet, she may have been a contender for higher things but lacked confidence on the move which spoilt her chances.
2. Graham & Denwood's: Lyndfil Zazu - another nice youngster who has lots of time to mature and come to her best, good head and outline moved well.
3. Boumonte & Dimond's: Roxdale Final Romance

Class 20 - Yearling Bitch (7:1)

1. Thomas': Bowdonia Moment to Shine - this is a bitch I know but have never judged, another cracker from this very good kennel. As a very young bitch I really didn't think she would make the height but here she was looking stunning, lovely type ok in head with a dark eye, correct lay of shoulders and good top line. Super bone and feet but her movement was to die for. I would have loved to have given her more but her day will come I am sure.
2. Woodward's: Bowdonia Time to Dream - the sister of one and the same comments apply. Owner is sure to have a lot of fun in the show ring in the future with this bitch.
3. Blackfords: Amblelight Sunglow
4. Frost's: Cochnaid's Cartier Diamond
VHC. Boumonte & Dimond's: Islanza High Spot of Roxdale (Al)

Class 21 - Maiden Bitch (4)

1. Halpin's: Moonlone Forever in Our Hearts RAF
2. Stidson & Boumonte's: Ypagneul Serendipity by Roxdale
3. Reynolds': Benoveor High Crimes Des Vauriennese (Imp Ned)
4. Worth's: Sarabande River Breeze (Al)

Class 22 - Novice Bitch (4:1)

1. Halpin's: Moonlone Forever in Our Hearts Raf
2. Worth's: Sarabande Sea of Dreams (Al) - ok in head dark eye super shoulders and topline, straight legs and good feet, there was not enough for me and lacked in bone but she is very young and things do change with age.
3. Reynolds': Benoveor High Crimes Des Vauriennese (Imp Ned)

Class 23 - Graduate Bitch (4)

1. Harrisons': Glenbrows Future Romance JW - what a young stunner I really liked her a lot. Beautiful head with a dark eye, good lay of shoulder and correct topline. Moderate bend of stifle and nice angles. Deep brisket straight legs and the best of feet. I was hoping she moved well and she did I was please to award her RCC.
2. Evans': Yberfa Lili Bychan - lovely old fashion type who was in good coat and condition, this bitch could do really well in the ring but the handler really needs to learn the art of ring craft.
3. Frosts: Cochnaid Cartier Diamond
4. Watson's: Welingerhill Garden Tiger of Hillpark

Class 24 - Post Graduate Bitch (9:2)

1. Harrisons': Glenbrows Future Hope - yet another beauty for this most outstanding kennel, lovely head and dark eye ok in shoulder correct topline and a good bum. Plenty of bone straight front legs and the best of feet, deep in brisket and moderate bend of stifle. I like her curves and she stood right all the time, she had to give way today to her kennel mate for the RCC on movement.
2. Lyon's: Bushwacker Hotspot - when standing in the line I thought this was my winner, I loved her shape just my cup of tea great depth of chest lovely curves plenty of strength in her quarters, she moved ok. But to win any class everything must be right and I was disappointed in her head, in profile it looks lovely but her eyes were too open and round for me.
3. Luckett-Roynon's: Solva Guiletta
4. Boumonte & Dimond's: Braiths Christmas Love by Roxdale
Vhc. Stidson's: Roxdale Lowri Avec Ypagneul

Class 25 - Limit Bitch (7)

1. Boumonte & Dimond's: Bushwacker Missy Elliott of Roxdale - I had not got a clue who this bitch was and only found out in my car going home. I thought I had found a new one and just how I like them. I have to say where has this bitch been?  She is lovely, now going grey in her face it didn't stop me liking her. Great outline very curvaceous with super depth of chest and plenty of stifle which she used on the move. A lovely bitch who won this class with ease but silly owner put her in open as well and was then up against some lovely bitches.
2. Thomas': Bowdonia Star Catcher JW - very mature bitch with a super outgoing temperament, good head with lovely dark eye, ok in shoulder excellent body properties and good rise over the loin. Super front that I would expect from this well known kennel. Moved well.
3. Harrisons': Glenbrows Beside Me JW
4. Luckett-Roynon's: Solva Guiletta
VHC. Reynolds': Slapestons Hepburn for Benoveor

Class 26 - Open Bitch (11)

Just want to say what a cracking class of different types.

1. Morgan & Schofield's: Sh Ch Ferndel Butterkist Cwsscwn JW - this bitch had to work really hard to win this class, a quality Welsh again from this outstanding kennel. She teems with personality which can be seen in her movement. Good in head neck and shoulders. Strong bone straight legs and lovely feet. Plenty depth of chest and short coupled. Correct quarters which she used on the move. I have given this bitch a BP before but she was unlucky to meet two of my favourites in good form today.
2. Sutherland's: Julita Rezanella of Jacranella - strange I really didn't think I would like this bitch but she was very close to getting the class. Not my type of head as not enough work in it but still quite pleasing. Lovely lay of shoulder correct top line and a abundance of bum, moderate bend of stifle and good tail set. Enough bone and ok feet. Her best feature was the amount of body and rib her worse was she was very narrow behind today which let her down to get top honours. I know she is waiting for her final CC and I am sure she will get it.
3. Halpin's: Moonlone Gulliver's Girl Is Layla
4. Harrison's: Int. Ch Glenbrows Portrait
VHC. Boumonte & Dimond's: Bushwacker Missy Elliott of Roxdale

Class 27 - Veteran Bitch (2)

1. Ritchie's: Sh Ch Hillrobin Galaxy at Slapestones JW - well what can I say that hasn't been said before about this outstanding bitch, I just love her, I  loved her before I judged and wasn't at all disappointed when I judged her today. Showing her age in her face but that doesn't bother me at all, dark expressive eye. Ok shoulders super topline and the best of quarters. Deep in brisket and strong body, lovely bone and feet but its her movement I just love, she is at one with her young handler and floats around the ring with ease, beautiful to watch. After that display the CC had to be hers and with the cooperation of the dog judge she was awarded BIS well done.
2. Evans': Sycharth Catrin - nearly 10 years old and had to have had the best muscles of any exhibit I had judged all day she is a credit to her owner. Different type to one but never the less all Welsh Springer. Beautifully made with plenty of heart room and super quarters she moved very well.

Class 28 - Special Beginners Bitch (7)

1. Woodward's: Bowdonia Time to Dream -
2. Stidson's: Roxdale Lowri Avec Ypagneul
3 Boumonte & Dimond's: Braiths Christmas Love by Roxdale
4. Lancett's: Coedybrain Nia at Cwmbeili
VHC. Watson's: Welingerhill Garden Tiger of Hillpark

Class 29 - Special New Members Bitch (1)

1. Halpin's: Moonlone Forever in Our Hearts RAF

Class 30 - Special working Bitch (2)

1. Lyon's: Bushwacker Hotspot
2. Evans': Sycharth Hob Y Derri Dando - I have to apologise to this owner as I wasn't told that this was a new exhibit and placed the class as two seen dogs, in saying the number one was my type but this bitch looked just like second placed veteran bitch but in fact it was her daughter, again that is very typy breeding to get two so alike.

Class 31 - Mrs Mary Payne Special Memorial Stakes - Bitch bred by Exhibitor (3)

1. Halpin's: Moonlone Gulliver's Girl is Layla - lovely type and my type, good head, neck, shoulders, body and quarters. Moved very well with the best of fronts and parallel quarters. Just found her a bit grubby for top honours today.
2. Blackford's: Amblelight Sunglow - this bitch was third in Sp Yearling but do you know I really liked her. Very pretty head with a lovely dark eye. Super shoulder plenty of rib and good in quarters. Straight front and moved very well. All I would like is for her to be a bit bigger all over.
3. Frost's: Cochnaid Cartier Diamond

Class 32 - Good Citizen Dog scheme - Bitch (4)

1. Woodward's: Bowdonia Chasing Dreams - nice type of bitch but really hasn't come up to her early potential never the less a very sound bitch with plenty to like.
2. Barclay's: Cherryheath's Miss Chief JW - I was disappointed with this bitch today she has always been one I have liked but she really didn't want to play to day, usually she is so on her toes and has the best of movement but not today. Very well made bitch and really when you go over her there is little to fault I can see why her son is doing so well.
3. Watson's: Welingerhill Garden Tiger of Hillpark
4. Attwood's: Moorash Lady Ygraine of Kylowen










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