(Held under Kennel Club Limited Rules & Show Regulations)

at Chepstow Leisure Centre, Chepstow, NP16 5LR

on SUNDAY 24th MARCH 2019

DOGS: Mrs Pam Tew (Pamicks)
BITCHES: Mrs Sue Aston (Tasa)
REFEREE: Mrs Debra Roberts (Cwrtafon)


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BEST IN SHOW - Sh Ch Coedybrain Nia at Cwmbeili
RESERVE BIS & BEST VETERAN - Glenbrows Fascination with Shannara
BEST OPPOSITE SEX - Ferndel High Fidelity with Tigerrock Sh CM Sh CEx
BEST PUPPY IN SHOW - Glenbrows This is Me


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 DOG CC – Ferndel High Fidelity With Tigerrock Sh Ch Sh CEx (left centre); DOG RCC – Sh Ch Glenbrows Picture Me Now JW (left); BPD and BPIS – Glenbrows This Is Me (right centre); BVD - Sh Ch Cherryheath’s Mr Mischief JW Sh CM (right) 

I would like to thank the committee for inviting me to judge at their Championship Show, I had a quality entry with many lovely dogs not being placed. Also thank you to all of the exhibitors who entered their wonderful dogs making my day very pleasurable, some very difficult decisions had to be made. All of the dogs were well presented. Thank you to my stewards for keeping the ring moving well, Anita Shears and Karen Lancett.

As my co-judge and my self could not agree on BIS the referee, Debbie Roberts, was called in and she chose the bitch, BIS - Sh Ch Coedybrain Nia At Cwmbeili; RBIS - Glenbrows Fascination With Shannara; BOS - Ferndel High Fidelity With Tigerrock ShCM, ShCEx

Judge: Pam Tew (Pamicks)

Class 1. Minor Puppy (2, 0)

1st - O’Neill’s, Glenbrows Best of Both. At just 6 months smart young dog who was quite a happy boy, good head proportions strong bone and tight feet.

2nd - Barkly’s, Chanangle Mr Whodat at Cherryheath. Like this boy, strong neck, good head and body. Moved well nice type, just not co-operating with his handler today.

Class 2. Puppy Dog (7, 2)

1st - Harrison’s, Glenbrows This is me. Good head proportions typical expression good reach of neck, correct angulations front and back strong bone in beautiful coat and condition once he settled he moved well. BPD and BPIS.

2nd - Philipson’s, Menstonia Meteor. Taller dog than first, well balanced with excellent head, dark eye, good reach of neck and top line moved well using his tail.

3rd - Murray’s, Madspring Drogon From Priestbeck

Class 3. Junior Dog (6, 1)

1st - Ritchie and Butler’s, Slapestone Diamond Mine. Lovely balance and build to this young dog, strong neck into good shoulders just needs to body up but he has time on his side, in beautiful coat and condition.

2nd - Philipson’s, Menstonia Meteor

3rd - Cemis’s, Taimere’s Talk About Me

Class 4. Yearling Dog (5, 0)

1st - Worth’s, Sarabande Lord Of The Dance (AI) JW. This is a very handsome, attractive and good looking young man. He’s excellent in type and balance with excellent angulations, bone and feet, covers the ground well should have a bright future.

2nd - Ritchie and Butler’s, Slapestones Diamond Mine

3rd - Yacoub’s, Laithmoor’s Red Markek

Class 5. Maiden Dog (4, 1)

1st - Murray’s, Madspring Drogon From Priestbeck. 11 months old and 3rd in puppy pleasing size and outline. Good body just needs a bit more time.

2nd - Leary’s, Menstonia Meridian of Haslemount. Larger frame than winner and not so good in shoulders, Attractive head and dark eye not happy on the move today.

Class 6. Novice Dog (4, 0)

1st - Philipson’s, Menstonia Meteor

2nd - Cemis’s, Taimere’s Talk About Me. Smaller than 1st with strong bone and feet well bodied, would like a bit more length of neck, moving well.

3rd - Murray’s, Madspring Drogon From Priestbeck.

Class 7. Graduate Dog (6, 0)

1st - Ritchie and Butler’s, Slapestones Diamond Mine

2nd - Johnstone’s, Glenbrows Paper Money For Gilpeta. Stronger built dog with good body pleasing head and dark eye. Would like a bit more length of leg to make him more balanced.

3rd - Yacoub’s, Laithmoor’s Red Grenadine

Class 8. Postgraduate Dog (17, 2)

What a lovely class to judge.

1st - McIlwaine and Reynolds’s, Glenbrows Van Gogh For Benoveor. Lovely head and expression. He is quality all through with ideal neck and shoulders and front assembly. In super coat and condition, bit of a handful but moved with drive.

2nd - Oliver’s, Glenbrows Royal Dragon. Very similar to 1st a little stronger all the way though. Steady mover.

3rd - Woodham’s, Glynell Jiffy

Class 9. Limit Dog (14, 1)

Another lovely class

1st - Graham’s, Don’s Statement To Nyliram (Imp Swe) JW. Easy to see why this boy has won so much. He is quality all though with ideal neck and shoulders. Straight front, strong quarters, handled and moved to advantage.

2nd - Riley’s, Ferndel Peanut Butter At Ravensworth. Different to my winner stronger in head, short coupled, good turn of stifle won this place on his sound steady movement.

3rd - Brown’s, Bowdonia Ozzie

Class 10. Open Dog (11, 2)

A quality class

1st - Clarke’s, Ferndel High Fidelity With Tigerrock ShCM Sh CEx. Quality dog well presented in full coat beautiful head and expression lovely reach of neck straight front strong body, tight feet, well angulated quarters. Moved with a free flowing stride delighted to award him his 2nd CC BOS

2nd - Harrison’s, Sh Ch Glenbrows Picture Me Now JW. Difficult to separate these 2, love them both but they are different, good head and expression straight front and well angulated quarters, in lovely coat and condition moved round the ring in style. RCC.

3rd - Graham’s, Sh Ch Taimere’s Twister round Nyliram JW Sh CM

Three super dogs.

Class 11. Veteran Dog (8, 0)

1st - Barkley’s, Sh Ch Cherryheath’s Mr Mischief JW Sh CM. Handsome head strong neck, good body short coupled 7 years old. What a show man such a happy boy, moved round the ring effortlessly.

2nd - Douglas’s, Sh Ch Ferndel Justin Time Sh CM. Also 7 years old. Another dog of lovely type very stylish and excellent proportions. Moved soundly, would like a bit more animation.

3rd - McIlwaine and Reynolds’s, Sh Ch Glenbrows Band of Brothers JW Sh CM

Class 12. Special Beginners Dog (5, 1)

1st - Nicoll’s, Benoveor The Guardian For Antreth. Correct out line, neck and shoulders and slight rise over loin, steady mover.

2nd - Bennett’s, Helgen Romeo The Lover. Nice make and shape to this boy just a bit long in loin. Good tail action.

3rd - Mercer’s Amblelight Cassopiea

Class 13. Special New Members Dog (1, 0)

1st - Yacoub’s, Laithmoor’s Red Grenadine. Balanced head straight front and top line, moved steady and true.

Class 14. Special Working Dog (3, 1)

1st - Sutherland’s, Jacranella Solo. Lovely make and shape strong quarters short hocks tight feet held his top line, good ground covering movement.

2nd - Groot’s, Isfryn On The Spot. Up to size but still balanced, strong quarters moved well.

Class 15. Mr Danny Pritchard Special Memorial Stakes Dog Bred by Exhibitor (4, 2)

1st - Attwood’s, Ir Sh Ch Kylowen Drym Sh CM. Masculine head but not coarse. Super breed type, well constructed throughout well sprung ribs moved well.

2nd - Blackford’s, Amberlight Galatea. Quite like this dog. Short listed him is a good Limit class. Not a big dog but he has everything in the right place steady mover.

Class 16. Good Citizen Dog Scheme, Dog (5, 0)

1st - Woodham’s, Glynell Jiffy. 3rd in Postgraduate Liked this dog a lot, presents a very balanced out line. Well proportioned head, well angulated front assembly, wide hind quarters. Excellent movement and such a happy boy which won him this class.

2nd - Murray’s, Lyndfil Simba From Priestbeck. Nicely made dog, pleasant head and eye, super bone and feet well presented moved soundly.

3rd - Attwood’s, Ir Sh Ch Kylowen Drym Sh CM.

Judge, Pam Tew

BEST DOG – Ferndel High Fidelity With Tigerrock Sh Ch Sh CEx
RESERVE BEST DOG – Sh Ch Glenbrows Picture Me Now JW
BEST PUPPY DOG and BPIS – Glenbrows This Is Me









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